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Apologies for the late review, I'm slowly getting round to posting some up from the last few mths.

I saw this lady in late March/early April: https://www.adultwork.com/2901246

Apparently from the same 'stable' as (the then) cleo4youxxxxx, who I've also seen. I think they shared a 'driver'?

Anyways...she was working from a hotel at Birchanger services, by the Bishops Stortford junction (8) of the M11. I think she had her number displayed and I made contact and arranged by text? My booking was for an hour and I paid £140 to include anal (her rates were the same as they are now).

Crystal looks exactly as her photos, a slim, moderately pretty girl who - from memory - has breast implants (I never call them 'enhancements' because to do so would suggest an improvement, which is rarely the case). Anyway, they're not stupidly big, so not particularly an issue really.

A cheerful, friendly girl, who's totally comfortable doing this (I seem to remember she said she'd done this before, but maybe not on AW?) It may be that she's slightly older than stated, but certainly not obviously so.

I quickly jumped in the shower after paying her, and joined her on the bed. Started with a little chat, then kissing, which was as deep as I liked. Then the usual foreplay and gentle disrobing. She went down on me for some very nice OWO which was sensuously done, rather than all that 'pornstar shit'. She seemed to savour this. It developed into a '69' which was very nice and unrushed, and then I got her on all-fours on the bed so I could taste her cute little arse, going between it and her pussy, and then long, slow strokes with my slavering tongue over both.

I rubbered up and entered her doggy, followed by various positions. She's slim and flexible, and she had no problem with deepstick.

Got her on all-fours again, and after a little more licking (at which she groaned appreciatively) I gently inserted a finger into her cute little starfish. Gently probing in and out, she rhythmically pushed her pelvis back and forth to fully enjoy it. Time for some anal then!

I didn't try lots of positions for this, but after a gentle start she took a jolly good pounding. As the vinegar strokes approached I asked whether a CIM finish would be in order and she enthusiastically agreed. I whipped off the rubber, she span round and assumed the position while I wanked myself off on my knees on the bed. Popped my cock into her mouth just as the first eruption started, and she calmly and softly sucked all the spunk out of my twitching cock, which took a good minute...I'm a big twitcher (and I'm not talking birdwatching). She swallowed the lot, no problem. If she saw 6 guys a day like this, that'd be her nutritional needs met, no problem. This girl has her head screwed on  ;).

So, in summary: Crystal is a nice, friendly girl who does all she says on her profile. She's not a stunner but her pics are truthful. WYSIWYG (which isn't always the case, as we know).

2 review(s) found for crystal sweetxx linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Cheers. Good to hear that she's quite a willing girl, and despite not being the prettiest, her body and services are enough to convince me to see her. Would you see her again?

I would, but these days I like variety so I rarely go back for a second bite.

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