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Author Topic: Ban Sakunee Thai Massage  (Read 2840 times)

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Offline PMAC123

Getting a bus home early Saturday morning after a ridiculous night and decided I needed a nice relaxing pick me up. A massage with our without HE sounded great and I had read about this place on the site recently so decided to give it a try. Didn't know they preferred booking so I just walked in, but there was no customers there and one woman cleaning the floor so it wasn't a problem. Went straight in for a 30 minute massage for £25.

Lay down and got oiled up and had an incredible massage, really hit the spot with my tired and aching muscles, would recommend this place even if you're not interested in HE. Then came the moment of truth, "you want happy aswell?" That was £20 extra so £45 total. No need to pay there and then, I just said yes and she continued rubbing my legs but attacking the balls slowly, then told me to roll over so she could get to work :). I did take a long time due to the hangover but no complains from her until I was leaving when she made  ajoke about her arm aching  :P she also gave me hangover advice involving taking honey etc!

When she had finished and I was getting dressed she was giving me a lecture about how they always do HE when they can but the extra money goes straight to them and isn't to do with the business and I mustn't tell anyone etc etc.

I haven't included the location or website here as I'm not sure if it's frowned on but I'm sure many of you know where it is by the name. I can help you by PM if not, as long as you username isn't "NotACop" lol. A much more relaxed and less dirty experience than seeing a WG but for the lower price and high quality massage it's definitely worthwhile if you're tired or just looking to be treated without doing any work.

Woman was in her 40s but very pretty and looked more like 30, plus didn't mind me grabbing her ass when she was pumping away :). My next aim is to find a similar rub n tug experience but younger and prettier :)
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That hope of getting one but not expecting one is fucking priceless when you get it ain't it?

Bet it was awesome  :hi:

Offline PMAC123

Hahaha yeah I heard someone on here mention it wasn't even offered to them so I was a little unsure! The way I was feeling a cheap massage probably would have been fine though! But yes very happy it went further  :thumbsup:

Offline Jsymff

Went there this morning about 11:30. Good massage with lovely lady called Patti but definitely nothing else on offer ! Is it better to go in evening and ask for the HE first ?
Might try again tomorrow evening.
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Offline Corus Boy

Ask if Mrs Happy is there!

Ask for the £45 half hour special.

Mrs Happy is no young model but when you're laid face down having yourballs massaged you'll not be worrying about her looks, you'll just be enjoying the pleasure she gives.

Offline ledley

Yea pattie doesnt do he but she is the most skilled masseuse

Offline Jsymff

Tried again last night. Rang at 7:30 and was told last booking was for 8. Asked for half hour massage and was instantly offered 2 or 4 hand massage, opted for 2 hand ! Arrived 10 min early, no problem I was only one there but another guy followed me in. Bit dissapointed when I saw Pattie was there again but luckily she went to the guy behind me who wanted a one hour massage and probably nothing else ! Young lady for me was about 20, tall, thin with glasses. Very pleasant manner, confirmed £25 for half hour and instantly offered HE for extra £20. Told to undress and lay face down on bed, no mention of covering over with towel. Back massage was really good and hard, very relaxing ! She moved up to top of bed to massage my shoulders and neck and no objection to me touching and squeezing her lovely tight ass while she massaged me. Onto back and lower legs got attention with regular touching of my balls. She oiled up both hands then set about massaging my balls whilst giving me a very firm hand job. No objection to my hand going up her top and feeling her firm little titties through her bra. Quickened the pace with inevitable result but no rush to stop the hand job. Cleaned me up, nice shower. Well worth it !

Offline snaitram99

Sounds like evening might be best time to go for HE. Did you get a name for her?

Offline S.jones85

I went here a few months ago and seen patty. Had a 2 hour massage. Went in to the end room told to remove all clothing and pant, which I asked to repeat as I wasn't sure what she said. So I thought my luck was in for HE. I lay face down on the bed and she started to massage me. Great massage I must say. A while into it I was asked if I wanted a drink, I said yes and another girl came in while I was butt naked on the bed (a bit of a turn on) so I turned around to both with a bit of a throb on, a few giggles then the massage started again. Flipped me over and massage my front sitting over me 1 leg over my shoulder and the other by my waste she was wearing a mini skirt with thick black tights (a bit boring) anyway no HE was offered even though she teased I little. I was offered a shower after. We went into the shower room together and I dropped the towel in front of her which she pretended to cover her eyes with gaps inbetween her fingers smiling and still nothing. So that was that.

I went again a few weeks later and seen a bigger girl called nicole. Same again I was offered a drink and the girl came in with it butt naked again. But this time she went out and spoke thai. Next thing Nicole stroked my prostate RESULT!!  I had a raving boner all the way through it and she kept sayin he keeps showing himself to me. This continued for the next hour until she she ok turn over now, I massage it for you!!!! Not the D just the balls and behind I had to do the D myself. But it was great. No money was asked either so I gave her £20 tip

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