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Author Topic: Having some serious fun  (Read 810 times)

Offline HughJardon

Until the shit hit the fan


John Skermer an IT wizz who filtered 2 million pounds and blew it all on prossies (fair play) although 1 million was on 1 prossie.

What fun  :drinks:

Offline SamLP

I'm all for having fun, but not at the expense of stealing other peoples money to fund it. That's low and he deservedly went to jail.

Offline cueball

 1 million was on 1 prossie.

I hope cim and anal weren't in the extras list

Offline sticko

At 150 quid an hour that equates to 2200+ 3 hour bookings with the same woman.  Wasn't there a 'who's spent the most time with a regular?' thread?  I think we have a winner...

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