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Author Topic: Alessya Star  (Read 502 times)

Offline JazzMan

A lot of warning signs.
"No feedback"
"Bareback" - Her profile page says "I DO BAREBACK (No extras)"
Good luck mate!
Banning reason: Slagging off membership

Offline Rider

Aye, she definitely pops a few red flags. I doubt she's real. I wouldn't go near any WG who offers bareback. Up to you thou.

Offline David1970

Are you having a laugh.
No one would touch that bareback Romanian dog - no one but you, her pimp would go near her.
Why don't you and your gypsy go back to Romania and stop trying to con people out of there money.

Offline daviebond

Like I'd be stupid enough to go bareback. I was gonna go for the anal and theres noway Im getting her shite stuck up my japs eye. Didnt see the Romanian bit though and the no feedback is why I was asking you guys and David1970...calm..the fuck...doon man :)

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