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Author Topic: Maggie21 - Profile Gone  (Read 811 times)

Anyone know what happened to Maggie's profile?

Seems to have disappeared over the weekend :unknown:?

Offline pong

Still in my hotlist with a login from today. Profile says she is on leave until 23/08/.

I was supposed to see her on 03/08. Communicated via AW, sent the booking and she confirmed, but she didn't show on the day.
I have seen her twice before and she was a superb professional so I didn't bother confirming on the day, like an idiot. And when I go to the hotel at the time, she didn't reply to my texts/calls. I wait around for 30 mins and still no response.
I kinda expected an explanation and apology from her later, but she didn't. Something must be going on with her..

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