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Author Topic: AdultWork - The Dead Zone  (Read 1122 times)

Doing a search on aw trying to any talent on it outside of my hot list. Hopeless, can't find any girl on there I'm remotely interested in has aw become a dead zone for the shite end of the punting market?

Offline Jamesmadden

I've noticed that as well. My hotlist  hasn't grown recently and I can't find decent additions to it.

Here is what I go through

A) ohh nice profile
B) click profile
C) nationality, Romanian
D) go back

Rinse and repeat

Banning reason: Slagging off UKP membership

Offline mcardle464

Yes, I find that too.  I keep seeing good reviews on Lindsey - oops! she's going away for a few months.....  :wacko:

Offline mymikemy

Was thinking the same thing!
The number of scams and fake profiles also seems to just keep growing.

Offline salazar

It could be something to do with the summer. Things do go quiet all around at this time of the year. You'll see in September how things liven up.

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