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Author Topic: beauty_Amber  (Read 1571 times)

Offline ramrodronnie

Whatever the wrongs, and rights are on this point, I am just a bit put out that I had given her a Positive review, thinking in all honesty that she would be pleased that I had done that for her? But NO?? She was pissed off with me because I said that she was offerering OWO for an extra £20 which she was at the time when I posted the review for her. She changed her list of Enjoys after I'd posted the Review. I tried explaining this to her, but she still wasn't happy, she said she was ok, but I could tell she weren't. Do I give a fuck? I don't think so, there's bloody thousands of WGs out there to choose from, so I certainly aint going to loose any sleep over one moody bird.  lmfbo     :D
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Offline ramrodronnie

Hi the happy one, this is the link to beauty_Amber

Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/2886306 or https://www.adultwork.com/beauty%5FAmber - Get QR CodeRomanian

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Offline Talbear

I've seen her 3 times.... And she's fantastic....!!!!

I thank you

Offline ramrodronnie

I've seen her twice Talbear, which is why I gave her a Positive Review, then she decided to change her enjoys, so now she'll only do owo with her regulars who she's got to know, but she still charges an extra £20 for it? There are plenty of WGs out there where you get owo all in with the rate that you are paying. I was only a bit upset that I had given her a Positive Review, only for her to change her enjoys after I had posted the Positive Review for her, I thought she'd be pleased that I gave her a glowing Positive Review, but NO! She was pissed off with me because she don't offer owo anymore, I told her that I had posted it before she changed her enjoys, so how was I supposed to know? I asked her if she was ok with me, she said she was, but I could tell she wasn't. You can't fucking win mate! ffs I'm not a fucking mind reader. Fuck it mate, I won't lose any sleep over it. There's plenty more prozzies to choose from out there. Yes she is a lovely girl, I know that, Gorgeous slim little body, Very Pretty, and a Great Fuck, but I don't, and never have liked non understanding, moody women. How the fuck was I supposed to know she was going to change her enjoys on her profile, as I have said, I posted her Positive Review before she'd changed it? Honestly mate, I will never fucking understand women????   :dash:  :dash:  :dash:  :dash:
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Offline socks

Honestly mate, I will never fucking understand women????   :dash:  :dash:  :dash:  :dash:
That's a big part of the reason to use prossies, you don't have to understand them! Pay for sex, if you like it you might buy some more, if you don't then find someone else. If you get all this bullshit feminine nonsense don't buy them anymore either. But equally rrr, if you start doing stuff outside of the fucks for bucks agreement, don't be surprised if stuff you didn't bargain for comes up. Whilst i agree that her reaction is bonkers, you've given her the opportunity to do that. Forget it mate, go spunk up some fresh tottie and don't try to curry favour afterwards if her sort of bollocks annoys you.  :timeout:

Offline ramrodronnie

Yes socks, you've got exactly the same mindset as me me mate, and thats exactly what I'm doing, if I wanted to be with a moody woman, I'd fucking marry one, like you rightly say, we are paying, so we can fuck who we want, when we want, provided the finances allow. Great! Happy Days. I know she's a popular girl, and she is a little cracker, but she showed her moody side to me, ok so I'll move on, there's no shortage of brasses out there as we all know socks.

Happy Punting mate.     :thumbsup:
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