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Author Topic: Leggy Blonde Woking  (Read 1265 times)

Offline jifflestick80

Just joined this site, sorry for late reply.

Saw her a couple of times, masks the face on the site but she's hot in my opinion, hence the second trip. really tall if that's your thing but she has you on the bed almost immediately so you don't really notice the 6ft factor.

First visit she was a bit distant, OW, multiple positions had a solid time though and she did work right through the hour. Second visit much better and this she time she went OWO and she seemed to have a good time in doggy though uses a bit too much lube for my liking.

Nice tidy modern flat with shower, towels etc. normally a couple of girls there though I think you typically book through a maid which is generally fine and she does a great job but occasionally the comms break down and the girls have no idea your coming which can be frustrating, I'd avoid trying to shift the times earlier once arranged.

I guess overall its a neutral but she's hot, tall, has pretty good attitude and worth a visit in my opinion. Interested to hear others opinions.
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Offline rubric

Do you know which other girls work there, and is that 20 extra for CIM only for the 15 min service? or just generally?

Name change on the profile. Are these the same pics? Doesn't look 6' to me.

Offline jesterman

What part of town does she work from anyone know ?

Offline jifflestick80

previously a block of flats near council offices but now works near tesco express. so I ended up seeing her again this weekend through some hiccup, tried to see naughty x girl x but things got confused with the maid that does the bookings so saw leggy blonde though I thought she was heading home for a few days but she's still green lit on AW.

No lube this time, cum once, OW (though this is my preference these days), good but not mind-blowing experience, I'll be sticking with 30min bookings in future, bit of a neutral experience for me this time but after a couple of visits the excitement dies out a bit I guess.
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