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Author Topic: Lindsey – an amazing girl who can do sensual GFE as well as PSE  (Read 440 times)


Duration : 3hrs incall for £380

Location: house in Westbury near Bath.

I think I saw her same day as lz-129, in the evening – same location, which she says she’s OK for me to reveal. So now 2 west country reviews of the famous Lindsey!

Long silky ginger hair, very pretty face, small rose petal lips, crooked front teeth. Not classically beautiful but I found her very attractive and very kissable.
Her body is tall and leggy, slim, with small boobs and cute nipples, a bit bigger than the size 8 girls I generally meet. I’m tall so I like tall, and she just oozes natural sexiness.   

She is chatty in a slightly cocky, cheeky, fun way.  She has travelled a lot and is a confident street wise happy young girl.  She knows what she wants, how to get it, and is very genuine, open and honest.

She loves sex, giving and receiving, cums a lot, has great attitude, and does everything with great passion.
Her PSE, gangbang, bisexual duo, and anal queen skills have been well reported on here, and might seem quite intimidating to people who are more vanilla (infact she said she has lost some bookings due to that).

For sure I tried some of her hardcore side but not to the extent and level of some of the superstuds on here. But I also found that she has a sensual side and can do great GFE. She is a fabulous kisser which is my favourite of all activities. Wonderful, soft, sensual, and passionate kissing. She loves to be teased and touched.  We had some very sensual and intimate moments, and she wishes other guys would do more of that. Infact I could imagine doing a purely GFE session with her, and am sure she would be right up for that.  She is not intimidating.

She is submissive – which means she likes you to take the lead – but you don’t have to be a BDSM dominant – just decide what to do.  She will do pretty much anything you want so don’t worry about her saying no. 

I only got to meet her as she was in the West Country for a few days meeting family, and she met me at the house where she was staying. Luckily I have met a couple of punting friends on here and they alerted me to the fact she was coming and made an intro for me – you know who you are and I am very grateful!  :hi:
We used WhatsApp to make the arrangements. She also has a protected twitter profile that is handy to see what she’s upto.
Unfortunately she is off on a world tour starting 24 Aug, and not available for the rest of 2015.

The Meeting
The following is the story of our meet. It starts with a summary, then goes into a lot of detail - as it was a long meet and I need to record it so I don’t forget it.

We went for a picnic overlooking the White Horse at Westbury, then back to her house for a wonderful mix of sensual GFE and naughty PSE sexual pleasure.  It started with a long “touch and tease” session with her sat on a chair blindfolded, me brushing her hair which sent shivers down her spine, and ended with her cumming on my tongue.  We then did a hardcore 3 hole fuck session with her fox tail/anal hook/doxy, culminating in a long slow snowball and swallow. Then a sensual bath with candles and underwater BJ, followed by a return to the chair and a final shuddering orgasm for her with the doxy on her clit and my fingers in her pussy and arse feeling her spasms. 

The Picnic
As it was a long mtg and a nice day, so I wanted to start outdoors and meet the real girl. I parked outside the house and waited in anticipation. A door opened and out walked this sexy young girl with long bare legs, and long flowing red hair.  I recognised her instantly as I had seen a photo of her face before, and she looked absolutely stunning.
She got into my car and was very bubbly and immediately wanted to kiss. I had done a quick recky of the area on my way there to find a nice place for a picnic.  About a mile away I had found a field overlooking the Westbury White Horse which seemed perfect, the only other green space I’d seen was the local cemetery - so easy choice it seemed?
Whilst driving there I say “I have found a nice place for a picnic”, “Guess where”.  She says “not the bloody horse?”  Well, I was a little crestfallen, and offered her the alternative, to which she laughed and said “that would be a bit morbid”.
I think she was actually quite impressed when we got there though. We were very close to the horse to our right and a paraglider was traversing it back and forth. Infront was a vista that must have taken in half of Wiltshire. We sat side by side on the rug and opened a cider. I asked why “bloody” horse, and she said “its like them bloody stones”. “What Stonehenge?” I said, “Yes, what the point?” she said. Cheeky mare!  :lol:
We laughed, talked about her recent holiday, punting, bisexuality, sexual history (yep always older guys), the cows that were starting to surround us, ping pong in Thailand, why gingers don’t tan, etc.  I love this sort of open frank dirty talk with English girls like Lindsey. Every few minutes we’d stop talking glance at eachother then just launch into DFK.  I felt no inhibitions with her then or at any time during our meet, she is so natural.  We cuddled and I said “I don’t want outdoor sex, just talk/kiss”.  She was a little disappointed and mentioned that the trees to our left looked discrete, but I was keen to get her back to the house asap.

Touch and Tease
In our pre-meet chats before her holiday I had mentioned that I liked to brush hair and she said “having my hair brushed is the best feeling in the world”, “it sends shivers through my body”. Bingo! She reminded me about it just before our meet (keen!), and when we got to the bedroom she had placed a chair in the bedroom and hairbrushes next to it on the bed.
Now let me digress slightly, I had asked earlier if she had brought her naughty suitcase with her.  She said “no I wanted to travelled light” and “only brought buttplugs, fox tail, doxy, blindfold, collar, cuffs, paddle, and anal hook”.  Light?
So I got her to sit on the chair, blindfolded, and said “don’t talk”.  I put her collar on. I left her in silence for a few mins to anticipate.
I then started. I stroked her hair and then started to brush it slowly. When the brush hit her back she did indeed shiver.  Her breathing was increasing and I could tell her heart was starting to race.  I then put her hair infront and over her tits and started to brush again over her nipples, with similar great reactions.  I pulled her head back and kissed her strongly – she was desperate for my mouth and moaned wonderfully. I used my finger tips and tongue to touch and tease her all over (she has very tickly feet), eventually I put my hand down her pants and cupped then rubbed her pussy. This took about 30 mins.  Then I let her take my cock in her mouth for the first time, it was dripping with pre-cum by now, and she said she loved the taste. Finally I got her to kneel on the chair whilst I rimmed and licked her to a back arching orgasm.

3 Hole Fuck Session
Time for action! I’ve never used a fox tail, so inserted it into her arse.  It suits her so well, the same colour as her hair, like some beautiful alien species off Star Trek.  We fucked in mish, she is very flexible so I could get her long legs under my arms and go deep.  Then she asked to go on top cowgirl - it was great watching her climb aboard with the tail which she had to move into the right position. She came again.  :D
Then I asked her to rim me.  Her face immediately lit up and she said “oohh yesss”. She gave me the best rimming ever.  I find I am more sensitive there than my knob - she really got her tongue right in and then we kissed and tasted it together.  :yahoo:
We then did some serious face fucking.  She laid on her back with her head hanging over the side of the bed.  I lifted her legs to position her pussy infront of my face so I could lick it.  She just grabbed my cock and rammed it down her throat and started face fucking it with her throat very hard and me doing nothing.  She was gagging and spluttering.  After a while I checked she was ok, and she said yes and she loves it when the “cock goes fully in and her throat goes pop”.  I went for it and starting fucking her throat like it was her pussy whilst I licked her clit.  I thought she was going to puke several times but she didn’t.  This for me was the only really hardcore debauchery we did.
I then asked to fuck her arse whilst she used the doxy on her pussy in doggy.  This produced the required orgasm with me starting slow but pounding her arse at the end.  Then she tried to get off the bed to check the time but her legs were just jelly and she could hardly walk, and she couldn’t then see the time as her eyes had watered so much in the face fuck.  :cool:
I then asked to use the anal hook.  She let me put in it.  She told me to put my fingers in her pussy to feel the ball end in her arse. I asked if it could be moved about, she wasn’t sure but grabbed hold and made it do a full 360 - like cranking the engine on a vintage car.  :lol:
She then asked me to fuck her arse with the hook in – she said it was double anal.  So I fucked her in doggy with 2 fingers in her vagina - so she got a triple penetration!
Amazing and exhausting!  I hadn’t cum yet but I was ready now. She went on all fours and did a nice slow BJ which I finished off by wanking my full load into her mouth.  We then did a long slow snowball - where we passed my cum from mouth to mouth again and again, until I told her to swallow, followed by a long passionate kiss to wash out the taste in our mouths.  :yahoo:

Bathtime and the Finale
She had agreed to do a sensual bath with me, so she ran it and lit some candles then we jumped in.  I asked for the underwater BJ and she duly obliged with me laying back and relaxing.  It was very sensual. As she went under the bath pretty much overflowed and the candles fell in at one point leaving us in almost total darkness. After about 3 dives we just cuddled, with her lying on top of me and my legs wrapped around her back. She looking at me with her makeup ruined, just kissing gently.  Probably our most intimate moment and my most favourite memory.  :)
I thought that was the end but she then asked to repeat the “Touch and Tease” session. So we did, but a bit quicker, with some spanking.  She said she wished other guys would touch her like that and she really liked it.
I got dressed and went to the car to get her money.  On my return I wanted to kiss goodbye but she had other ideas, and asked me to join her on the bed, with the doxy on her clit and me laying beside her with one finger on her G spot and another in her arse.  When she came she twitched for ages and I could feel the spasms in her anus (which was something she didn’t know about!). Insatiable!  :wackogirl:

A final note about Kissing:
I just couldn’t get enough – every time I looked at that pretty wanton face I had to stop whatever I was doing and kiss her.  We did it in so many ways, tender, greedy, mouths slightly open tongues flicking, mouths wide open sideways and tonsil tickling, and tongue sucking (which she taught me).  This was augmented with rimming then straight to kissing to taste. Fingers in pussy to collect juices then into our mouths to taste.  Also deep ear licking. Drinking cider by dribbling it into eachother’s mouths.  A lot with my hands gently around her collared neck, or pulling her head back with her hair.  To me it’s the most intimate thing I can do with a girl, and with a girl like Lindsey it’s just sublime.  :cool:

Cheers!  :drinks:
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