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Author Topic: Lucie Bee - Nottingham  (Read 2255 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2450078 or https://www.adultwork.com/LucieBee

Thought it was about time the old fart placed a review on here. Don't think it will be in the same league as my good friend, MOTC, as I'm not able to master the English language in his unique style.

So it was a day at Trent Bridge ahead to watch us get very near to regaining the Ashes, I'd contacted Lucie a few days previously & arranged an early meeting at around 9.15am, she even picked me up from the station after I'd been dropped off !! We'd met previously in her former guise as Lucie Parks so had a good catch-up on the journey, an extremely open, friendly lady as well as being damned attractive. She managed to park up right outside the apartment in Nottingham, there's no point describing where it is as she's looking for a new incall location as I type this.

The apartment was clean & tidy with good facilities. Offered me a coffee but as the kettle was boiling events took over & we soon ended up on the bed with steam rising from the kitchen !! What proceeded was a good hour of oral, reverse oral, kissing....orgasm wise she won 4-2 ....never actually managed to have sex but that was my fault not Lucie's who I think was disappointed we never managed it. We will next time I promise.

Managed a coffee afterwards, good shower facilities & she even called me a taxi to Trent Bridge, says she's have given me a lift but had another appt. booked.

So, in summary, recommend her highly for the following reasons;

1) Good looking, fit body
2) Friendly personality, very easy to get on with, one of the best around in that respect.
3) Very tactile.
4) Great kisser, loves receiving & gives great O.
5) Good vfm @ £120 which is my maximum.

51 review(s) found for LucieBee linked to in above post (50 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline RedKettle

Thanks - I have been wondering about her for a while so great to see your review.  :drinks:

What a test match!!!!   :D :lol: :yahoo:

Offline Owwhatanight

1 hour now £140.

There all like sheep now with price hikes to £140 - £150 .....Wtf

There all like sheep now with price hikes to £140 - £150 .....Wtf
she often does incall offers for £130

Last day in notts...today. Where is she off to??

Offline Owwhatanight

Not to sure but price is back to £120

Offline jack1818

Last day in notts...today. Where is she off to??

I think she's lost the use of that apartment so is looking for somewhere else, so will hopefully be back at some point!

Great review mate - you are a legend my friend. LB sounds great actually - exchanged emails with her on Thu and look forward to meeting her this next week if poss.

Offline jack1818

My experience of Lucie seem to echo the OP's, she was the first WG I saw, I was really nervous but she seems to have a friendly personality that helped put me at ease, seen her a couple of times since and each time has been really enjoyable. I think you'll enjoy your visit  :)

Offline Diehard

She doesn't respond to emails or texts? Is she still working?

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