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Author Topic: Sienna AL1 / Sienna Sensual - Now 'Charlea'. Anyone know where she is?  (Read 798 times)

Offline HertsOWO


I posted this is South East. But, having had a look on the boards, may be more relevant to East England?

Anyway, this girl used to be active on AW now and again. Swedish. Both AW profiles were her, with very accurate pics. Gave great service and was value for money.  Oral was her specialty, so there was a natural attraction for me.  I've been trying to find Sienna for ages now.   I came across this last week, and it's defo her.  She has a new name, 'Charlea', but I can't find her on AW, or an internet trawl, anywhere.  :(  Anyone know if she's working for an agency or an indie somewhere.  Would love to experience this again. Just look at the way she performs for the camera!   Would even travel if she's not moved too far.


Anyone help me find her?   Full service was excellent, but she was the best OWO in the area

Or, if you can't tell me where she's working now, can anyone suggest some good alternatives for excellent OWO with, or without, full service.


Offline socks

I can see the attraction of that! Fucking gorgeous and well worth tracking down if that's still for sale! Help us out a bit with any more detail of her former profiles and how you've come to know of her new activity this week, if it's not via the web - or did you mean you found this clip?
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Offline HertsOWO

She was working under the two names given up to around Christmas time.  Towards the end of her visibility on AW, she started yo get unreliable and was wearing an electronic tag!  :cry:    Don't think she'd done anything sinister, and as it wasn't at the business end of anything we just gone on with business  :dancegirl:

Last week, I was doing the usual xhamster/porn hub trawl for some 'home entertainment'   :cool:, when up she popped in a "blowjob" search as 'Charlea'.  She'd recently posted the vid, along with a  couple of others. So Wowza  :wacko:   thought she was back in business, but cannot find her profile anywhere  :(

She really was jolly good at her job. English/Swedish. Enhanced Boobs. Down to earth. I generally don't like to go beyond OWO/CIM/COB, but I will confess to having full penetration (protected!!) with this WG just the once, as she'd really got be going.

I think I've pretty much given up on finding her.  But would take any advice on alternatives.     SophiaXRated https://www.adultwork.com/2207737 gives good OWO, but her heart isn't in it and I've also had good value out of LauraSuperStar, https://www.adultwork.com/1900894 who is very enthusiastic.

Remember, it's an OWO that's important to me.  I don't mind paying the full service price, but rarely use it.     

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Offline molloy

She's back on AW as a webcammer now.


Might send an inquisitive email asking her for a meet. She was my first punt and I'd very much like to repeat the experience.

Offline HertsOWO

G8 spot M8!!  :drinks: and you seem to have teased her back into escorting  :yahoo:  was she as good the 2nd time around as the 1st?  :crazy:  Moved to London now. will get her booked up for some of that oral. not to far to travel to the city, and she's filthy good  :wackogirl: :dancegirl: :wackogirl:

I've seen her a few times a while back defo a good girl back on aw webcam img but appears to be avail for 2 HR bookings to make it worth her while lol the vid got taken down ... Anyone got it still?

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