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Author Topic: Violet Grey - Hyde Park [Fake review]  (Read 1161 times)

Offline RalphMouse

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OK -- I am going to embark on my first review.  :scare:

I met Ms. Grey early in June. She was working in a very posh boutique hotel near Queensway station. Her coms were excellent. I'd emailed her on AW and she replied later that day and then I called her. Very nice phone manner.

I had booked a half hour and as soon as I laid eyes on her I wished I'd booked for longer but she indicated that that wasn't possible. She did this in a discreet and charming way rather than simply saying "I have another client coming soon."

Violet is a lovely classic beauty with a soft and shapely figure, porcelain skin, dusky eyes and full, pouty lips. She has a ready smile and she greeted me with a soft sensual french kiss. She kisses with passion and conviction but she doesn't go too far with it, IMHO.

I wanted a sweet, simple GFE and that is what she gave me. Plenty of kissing and caressing and she let me undress her instead of just shucking off her clothes in a hurry. She unbuttoned my shirt, as well. We fell back on the bed and continued exploring and snogging. Without having to ask her she began to perform OW on me. Very soft and nice -- like a girlfriend -- not a porn star. I'm not necessarily a breast man but I did enjoy fondling and kissing her boobs which were very full and nice.  I had a taste of her pussy which she seemed to enjoy. I won't say I made her cum but she didn't fake it and seemed to be enjoying herself.

I had a stressful day and knew I needed to relieve my tension sooner than later so I was impatient to fuck her. On with the condom and we started in missionary with plenty of snogging. I would have happily finished like that but i thought it would be a shame to waste the opportunity to try at least one more position so I went for doggy for the finish. She doesn't do any stupid fake moaning but she seems to enjoy sex. I didn't last long in doggy as I had my hands full with her lovely bum and enjoyed the view so much.

I didn't last long and had half my time left but didn't think I'd be able to try again. She was happy to lie back and cuddle while I enjoyed the afterglow. She's an intelligent girl and has a great sense of humour. I knew from having asked her for an extension and not being able to get one that I shouldn't overstay my welcome so I had a shower -- plenty of fresh towels available -- and left on time.

I probably sound fluffy as fuck but I can't fault anything about the girl or her services.

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Offline The_Don

I am going to embark on my first review.


A good start, with Ms Gray!

Thanks for sharing
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Offline Big Cat

Cheers for the review - been wanting to see her for ages but she's been on "indefinite leave" all summer! Gah!
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Offline RalphMouse

Cheers for the review - been wanting to see her for ages but she's been on "indefinite leave" all summer! Gah!

Guess I got lucky! -- Maybe she went back to Poland for the summer.
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