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Author Topic: New to this, advice needed!  (Read 476 times)

Hi all, completely new to this, but always wanted to try it.

Recently single and working away in the South east for the next three weeks, 3 different locations.

Ideally I'd want a 'house call' for my first time but wouldn't know where to begin to look?

Currently in Portsmouth, Rochester next week and Brighton the week after?

What do you mean by house call? As in where you're staying?

Hi PartyGuy,

My advice to you is this; don't get into this.......it is WAY to addictive and will suck up loads of your money.  Go clubbing, pull a bird (even an fugly one) and get over it, get yourself another GF or three.

I would also be cautious about in-calls to hotels.  If there is a way in/out without the reception area/camera seeing then its not too bad.  You also have to consider you have all your personal belongings in that room - what if she steals your wallet/debit card/laptop etc....

Just think it through before hand...


If you're currently in Portsmouth, I don't think you could do much better than arranging a session with Hayley. Just take a look at the reviews on this site.

Cheers guys! Advice taken well and truly on board

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