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Author Topic: Where is kit coxxx/ kitty cox  (Read 607 times)

Guys I need your help, does anyone know if kit cox still working???? I used to saw her in 2014 but till january she is off the radar.... :( :( :( :(

Offline tnalove

If it's the Kit Cox I knew since she started working then you have a tough job on your hands - she was hard to keep track of even when working as near to regularly as she ever got.

I would have thought she was either doing films or had found a partner - whatever she is doing I wish her the best.

She once got driven from London to Northampton just to see me for half an hour. Another time she ran across the Sandys Superstars waiting rom to throw her arms around me.

That's my kind of girl.
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Yes I know she is so lovelly. She gave me her  personal phone  and I use to do overnite booking with her, now she just disappear...I use to see quite a lot of escort but her she was just the best ....what a shame

Offline tnalove

Glad you agree on her qualities.

But if she is happy then we shouldn't begrudge her a good life.
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