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Author Topic: Sienna AL1 - where is she now?  (Read 364 times)

Offline HertsOWO


This girl used to be active on AW now and again. Swedish.  Gave great service and was value for money.  Oral was her specialty, so there was a natural attraction for me.  I've been trying to find Sienna for ages now.   I can across this today, and it's defo her.  She has a new name, 'Charlea', but I can't find her on AW anywhere.  :(  Anyone know if she's working for an agency or an indie somewhere.  Would love to experience this again. Just look at the way she performs for the camera!


Anyone help me find her?   Full service was excellent, but she was the best OWO in Herts

Or, if you can't tell me where she's working now, can you suggest some good alternatives for OWO with, or without, full service.


I would agree with what you said, i have have sent you a PM

Offline HertsOWO

I am new to this board. So dumb question. How do i see your PM?    :unknown:   I know it's going to be obvious when you tell me!

I would really like to find Sienna/Charlea again.  Would even travel if shes not moved too far out of the area.

When you log into site click on my messages  :wackogirl:

Offline HertsOWO

Found it, but no PM.  Can you send again.   I would really like to find which agency she's working for now or your recommendation on a WG that provides similar service.

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