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Author Topic: Giselle Fox - Stoke on Trent  (Read 879 times)

Offline gleeds

Since my last and one and only post I've been true to my earlier statement and haven't seen anyone else. I noticed that her profile had disappeared from aw earlier today so called her to see why. Due to a dispute with aw regarding her photo verification her profile has been taken down by aw. Giselle hopes to have a new profile up asap and will be working as normal in the meantime. I can't believe there isn't more written about her as she is the sweetest, most beautiful, horny woman I've had the pleasure to meet and after 10 years of regular punting with hundreds of encounters I decided I would never be able to find another wg who could beat her.

Offline dboy74

Thanks for the update, Giselle  :thumbsup: ;)

Offline blue80

Some fine touting - top work, well done Giselle

Offline Chrisip

I saw a Sally at Tingles, it was several years ago, petite girl with a slightly oriental look is that Giselle? Don't recall detail of the service but know was very good cus I made the 80 mile round trip to see her on several occasions.

Offline benwh

I saw Giselle last year and wouldn't mind seeing her again, do you have a contact number for her gleeds?

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