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North Cornwall, in a nice country lane that me and Macy have used for the last couple of years.

I have seen Macy many times and still going back for more.  This time was a quick car meet, not sure if this is an option for new punters but something I have done on a regular basis.

Comms were good as always with Macy, though she can sometimes run a little late today she was spot on time.

I hadn't seen her for a month or two so was pleasantly surprised to see she is still as hot as ever. She is pretty, has a lovely coffee coloured skin, is very soft and warm to the touch, has the most incredible tits I have ever seen, especially for such a small girl she is around 5 foot tall and is a size 6. Finally her arse is glorious a true wonder!!!  Basically she is a petite lady who is still all woman with incredible curves.

The session went as you would expect a 15 minute quicky to go, i.e. quickly.  A long DFK, followed by some mutual masturbation (she loves it), then really nice covered (doesn't do OWO) blowjob.  She the got on top and fucked me, not as strong or as energetic as when she first rode me cowgirl but still got me to come, which nobody else can do cowgirl.  Nice natter afterwards about trams of all things, a lingering kiss goodbye and a very happy boy.  :cool:

Some things I know from previous bookings, Macy does anal for extra, and doesn't mind length or girth, which is extraordinary considering how small she is.  She is very focussed on giving you what you want, within her limits, is energetic most of the time and will keep going till time is up and or you are spent.

She can be a little prickly, but no more than slightly grumpy, if you are out of line or she perceives a slight against her, she is a woman after all!!  That is the only fault I would raise and that is really being picky.
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