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Any info on this place? I undertand they may have operated out of Longford village before.

Is it the kind of parlour that has 1 or 2 standout girls? If so, which ones?

Prices are a little steep at £60/30m and £120 for the hour for standard services (i.e. no OWO). I prefer longer bookings (minimum 1hr).

Needed a release and this place is very close to me. Rang them at opening time. 2 Ladies in: Melissa ( young Colombian) and Jasmine (An older Indian - I would be surprised if it was a genuine indian).

Anyway, I could hear quite a few blokes talking in the background when I rang the maid. Got the address and drove there (it's between uxbridge and harefield). Parlour is just off a country lane which has many cars shooting down both ways. Parking is at the cottage, which I wasn't prepared to do, so I looked for somewhere nearby. No luck. Parked at a pub about 500 metres away and rang to ask who was available, whilst at the same time thinking i am going to look a bit stupid walking down a country lane with no footpath and cars whizzing past at 50mph.  Anyway, Melissa was just taken and bigger, older Jasmine was available. I went back home.

Any info  appreciated  - and if you have been, where did you park?

Any info  appreciated  - and if you have been, where did you park?
If they advised to park somewhere that is probably the best place to park, these places don't go out of their way to cause heat on themselves.  Parking in a pub and walking to a whore house would possibly cause friction between the pub and the venue.

Never been but some common sense is sometimes needed.  I would have put my cammo on and flanked the venue through some fields, but that's just me lest he !

The pub was shut and they had quite a big car park shared with some off the road parking.

Parlour said I can park at their establishment/cottage.
 I wasn't that desperate.

Will give it a miss and stick to Indies

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