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Author Topic: Lack of Imagination?  (Read 402 times)


I like o log onto AW every day, and like to read some of the blogs, it's a way of seeing some of the WGs I may have missed in searches, plus is a good way of having a right laugh at what some of they actually think we want to read!

The member above has posted the same blog every day since Friday (I think), deleting the previous one and re-posting it, so it only appears once in her blogs list. I assume she is doing it so she is always appearing in the most recent blogs lists.

If you don't have anything new to say, don't bother saying the same crap over and over again!  :wackogirl:

Check it out tomorrow!

Offline pking_paul

Yes but to be fair she has other skills - she can wash my car anytime (Gallery pic)

Offline Marmalade

Yes but to be fair she has other skills
Apparently keeps most of them to herself... check the feedback against 'escorting'.

Don't have an issue with her looks, she'd certainly get me looking if I walked past her get her escort soaped up!

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