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Author Topic: Ellie 12 Rose: the continuing transformation of  (Read 1223 times)

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Offline unclesweetheart

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My third, lovely session with Ellie.

I’d texted her beforehand to check that she was ok with plans various, and she was. So… I arrive at her incall location just before 8 and the door is slightly and invitingly open. Slip inside. And there, I’d forgotten how very pretty, is Ellie: a red short dress, and the hallway. Mainly, I’d forgotten Ellie’s eyes, which are so beautiful. And her voice, which is too. It’s so nice to be back with her.

We start kissing straight away and I slip my hands down to her cunt. She’s not wearing any panties and so I finger her. She’s already wet. I’d had a couple of very hard days and was more than a bit worried about l’equipment, but the combination of Ellie’s tongue down my throat and my fingers up her wet pussy throws a reassuringly neanderthal switch deep in my brain.

But I had very specific plans. I’d postponed the delight of Ellie’s tits on my first visit; now I wanted to foreground those beauties, as sluttishly as possible. So I fairly brusquely reached into her top to pull them out of her dress. Ellie giggled, since her breasts are large and the dress tight. In the end this very much added to the effect, but very soon, with Ellie’s help, both her magnificent tits were hanging heavily and fully out of her top, which is where I wanted them. I suck lick and tease both. She can be nicely submissive, Ellie, and so it was very nice to bend down to carry on DFKing her whilst administering sharp upward slaps on her tits as I did so.

“Do you like that?”

Eyes alight, foxy smile: “mmmm”

Cock is now sufficiently rockhard & Ellie starts to unzip me. But I have not finished with those tits. Reach into my bag for the baby oil. Squirt a healthy amount over both tits and rub it in.

“Careful you don’t get it on your shirt!” says delightfully solicitous Ellie, who starts unbuttoning said item. She is SO sweet!

So I respond by deciding that her tits need more oil. I stand her back and squeeze jet after jet on them, careless of her dress and, indeed, anything. Her tits are now literally dripping with oil (hot to see drops slowly dripping off her nipples onto her dress), and are great to fondle and lick.

Ellie has had enough of cock-denial and so unzips me, I unbelt the trousers, and she takes my hard cock fully, dt style, in her mouth, kneeling. I face fuck her at my leisure. Then titfuck those drippingly oiled breasts. She holds them together to facilitate.

“Cockslap me!”

Now THAT was nice. Really quite hard, inbetweenwhiles feeding her the cock, all the way down. Then back to slapping her face, repositioning myself to make sure I do so as hard as possible. I am completely hard by now. Obviously.

I push her down on the corridor floor. She sticks her arse up in the air and I get hold of the oil bottle again.

“Be careful sweetie – the oil can damage the condom!.”

Oh well! Fucking Ellie with her oiled up arse high in the air as I do so is going to have to wait till another time.

Fucking shoes! I take forever to take them off: knotted laces, you know.

“Don’t bother with the shoes! Keep them on!”


So we fuck hard in doggy on the floor. Have been so looking forward to this. Ellie knows her head needs to be down on the floor and her arse high up while she’s fucked. Dress still on. I can’t see her oiled-up tits hanging out of it but knowing that they are, and that she’s just whoring herself for my pleasure is a fantastic turn on.

Ellie wanted me to cum (protectedly, obviously) in her cunt in our first session, but, having availed myself of her mouth on that occasion, twice, I couldn’t. I wanted to make good on the omission – I do think a girl only feels truly desired if you can spunk while fucking her – and so I pound her as hard as I can. I know, with some relief, that it’s not going to be a problem, and after about three minutes (?) can feel myself cumming: heavily, repeatedly, up Ellie’s wet, tight cunt. Love fucking this lovely, foxy, sweet, submissive girl. And spunking while fucking beats CIM, I think.

In some moods I’d have liked to feed her the spunk out of the condom but I’m not in that mood tonight. Next time maybe.

Then followed a shower, long leisurely chat, endless increasingly beautiful kissing, much oral. Ellie so wanted some balls-produced protein as a starter for the meal she’d ordered for us both  – I’d brought last time – but, as I say, it’d been a very hard week and I was spent, done, 57. We put the world to rights over a bottle of prosecco, however,  and I left vowing  to

a)   really quit smoking this time
b)   cut down on the booze
c)   dust down the exercise bike
d)   get more regular sleep
e)   see Ellie again, frequently.

I’m in for the long haul here. We have plans. Of course: massively recommended.

Banning reason: Prossie fanboy + Sharing account with banned member (Atticus Finch aka Sylvester)

84 review(s) found for Ellie_12_Rose linked to in above post (84 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline scarebear


You are a fully fledged member (no pun intended!!) of the Ellie fan club along with Sylvester and Myself!

I defy anyone to not have a great time when seeing her, and like you, have plans and will be visiting her regularly.

Happy visits pal!

Offline stayer

dust down the exercise bike

No need. You already have the solution for more exercise.

see Ellie again, frequently

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