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Author Topic: ChelseaRosie  (Read 676 times)

Hey there

Has anyone had the pleasure of meeting ChelseaRosie - she looks incredible and great feedback but can't find much on here recently so wondered if anyone had met her?


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She looks nice? Seriously from the photos available how can you tell that,?

Offline shagbambi

I saw Chelsea about two years ago.  She is English.  A sweet girl, very submissive.  Short, nice big breasts and a bit chubby.  Facially I found her pretty.  Sex was good, FK, RO, 69 I cant remember if it was OW or OWO! I did not visit again as I prefer older women, she was about  22 at the time. (Just seen the profile, she looks younger than her listed age).
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Thanks Shagbambi - she comes across really well in comms and good to know you had a good experience

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