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Author Topic: Elements Massage, Aldershot  (Read 6561 times)


Finding myself weary of some low budget awful quality punts of late I too decided to try something different. Having the fondest memories of time spent in Hong Kong and Macau I know only too well how amazing, exotic and erotic a good body to body massage can be.

I am also, sadly, too aware of how badly the expression “body to body” can be misinterpreted in this country. The most memorable involved a rather gorgeous East European girl quickly brushing her nipples across the small of my back; this was her definition of body to body.

Visiting massage shops, particularly outside some of the more well-reviewed ones in and around London can be a hit and miss affair. They can be grubby affairs with poor service and scant attention to hygiene, let alone personal service. I finally settled, more by luck then judgement, on Elements Massage. The establishment is clean and tidy, run by Filipinos. This came as a surprise to me as I am used to the more familiar Chinese and Thai parlours.

The receptionist was friendly enough, insisted I take a shower (nice), and directed me afterwards to a cosy small room c/w massage table.

I confess I was nervous, unsure what was to follow. This included a mental picture of the receptionist coming in to give me my massage. Whilst she may have had a nice smile the prospect of body to body with her was not at the forefront of my desires.

After waiting for what seemed an eternity the door is thrown open and in sweeps a vision of loveliness bare legged in a short pink housecoat. I have to say it was a delightful surprise and a deep therapeutic massage quickly became the furthest thing from my mind.

My masseur’s name was Laila and she wasted no time in upselling me from a standard massage to a body to body experience. I was quoted a price of £60 on top of the £40 standard charge for an hour of massage. I started to negotiate only to quickly realise that I had as much chance of negotiating a lower price as I would have negotiating down the price of a litre of petrol at my local Shell station.

As most of you well understand, in such a situation, with an attractive youngish (late 20’s??) girl, the money quickly becomes irrelevant and despite the seemingly high cost I handed over the funds.

I did not live to regret it. Though it didn’t quite match up to the full body on body treasures of the far east, it was intimate, exciting and she has a lovely touch. I was given a liberal amount of freedom for exploration and the only regret was her vice like thigh and butt muscles clenched impassably when I got a touch over-excited and ambitious.

After a delightful release of tension I was treated to a nice head massage before being packed off happily on my way.

Offline bokkie

Thanks buddy.
I've been debating whether i should pay elements, and particularly laila a visit.
Problem is i love a good blowjob, and from what i hear that's not on the menu.
What did she let you do with regards to touching her?
Obviously nothing internal, but what did you get away with?
Was laila hot?
Thanks buddy

As you say, nothing inside - clenched buttock cheeks and no kissing.
Otherwise a free for all.
And, IMHO, Laila IS hot!

I took a visit there once. I just went for a massage to be honest. I don't know about any one of them being hot. I got a plump, over weight female. It seems like it is a lucky dip there. You don't know what you will get. If there was a hot slimmer woman I would have probably have returned.

Offline Trekkie

I used to be a regular there and agree that laila is hot but she can be abrupt and mechanical in her service, as performing to a script. Also prone to rushing you out the door if the next customer is waiting in order that the other girl working doesn't get a look in. Best girl there imo is/was loulou who really knew how to give a proper b to b. I wouldn't discount the chubby ones either as Sophie was in that category was also excellent. Stopped going as laila seemed to be there most days and I prefer a bit of variety.

Offline djames777

I have been to elements and found Laila to be quite ugly, usually she is very spotty plus expensive for HR, best local place is the massage shop oppposite Brookwood train station, bj with OWO is on offer for an extra 40.

Offline Sprog999

I have been to elements and found Laila to be quite ugly, usually she is very spotty plus expensive for HR, best local place is the massage shop oppposite Brookwood train station, bj with OWO is on offer for an extra 40.
I tried this place yesterday - its called Natural Relax - and it was so - so. Masseuse massage and hr were just ok but nothing special. Price is £5 less than london average £25 -  30  min,40 - 60,65 - 90.She would not do bj only b2b and hr were on offer, did not bother with b2b as she didn't have the looks /body to make it worthwhile. There was another girl Tina who was much better looking with a nice body but she was busy with another client at the time. Will ask for her the next time I visit. Was she the one who gave you owo? Contact number for them is 07935916018

Offline Sprog999

Forgot to mention hr was 20 b2b on offer for 40 but I think you could get it for 30

Offline Sprog999

Tried Total Relax in Brookwood again yesterday, this time had a 30 minute session with Tina. Massage was mediocre, but she had a nice face and body so I went for the B2B - she flatly refused to do FS or OWO, so I had to settle for the next best option. It was OK but I generally don't go for B2B (£40) as its quite frustrating to have a naked body right next to an erect JT with nowhere to go. So I won't be returning, as the massage is not good enough to warrant the long journey

Hi anyone knows where the sophie gone. She used to work at elements aldershot. Anyone had a recent experience of going to elements. Just wanted to know what type of girls work there these days. I am looking for a young big breasted thai for massage and some extras if possible

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