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Author Topic: Edinburgh girls who do messy facials  (Read 1414 times)

Offline msc762003

I'll admit that I'm a lurker and rarely post due to my almost complete lack of a punting life over the past few years. I live vicariously through your posts/reviews and am thankful for that.

I'm a fairly heavy cummer and like to give messy facials, getting all over the girl's face and hair. A few years ago, I was able to do this with Devon Breeze and Lanya and both were great. Devon Breeze is now too pricey for me and Lanya seems to have moved on. Other girls I'd seen who said they offered facials on AW would basically manoeuvre so I would just cum on their chin and below, which doesn't do much for me.

Long story short, anyone know of any current Edinburgh WGs who would take a messy facial? I may have a chance to punt in the next few weeks and would love nothing more than to give a messy facial.

Sweet Nicole doesn't mind taking a load over her face. Bit scatty and chavvy, but good vfm

Offline here4fun

New Town Sauna

Small, dark-haired, Scottish (unusual for NTS) lass called Kat. 

Absolutely awesome OWO and a facial at the end that I still have in my mind's eye now............

Having given one or two of these in my time am always interested in ladies who partake, this Kat girl sounds interesting, I normally use Gemma of Scorpio or Sophie (now Hannah at Carols) for such services, April again is always up for this service too.

I know sophie doesn't charge extra for this does gemma?

no she doesnt, normally £80 on the room gets you every service you can think of!

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Offline msc762003

Thanks for all these tips, guys. Going to have to think about who to see. Toni has caught my eye for a few months, but because she only does Outcall, can't do it.

Will see if I can see one of the others listed and will post a review when it happens.

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