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Author Topic: jannine_hottest-babe walthamstow terrible service  (Read 1053 times)

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Offline macattack

First time post after discovering this site couple of months ago

After seeing flyingbreadman report on this wg thought ill give it ago this is no way knocking his experience his credentials on UKP speaks for it self but my experience was totally opposite

coms = Phoned midday today for appointment in couple of hours the reply i got was "what right now im on the street" lol we agreed on 2.30pm

location= nice quite street off wood street ( couldn't drive down as the AA was blocking the street loading a brake-down)

first impression = cute petite was wearing dark Gray tight legging and a skimpy top just looked adorable but her face on AW is heavily photo shopped

Action= handed over the notes £60 for 30min went away to stash the cash and was straight back, I gazed into her eyes and said its feast time. I like it slow where i take my time let them grind on me and slowly stripping off clothes as we go along as i was settling in to my motion thinking of a blissful punt my world got shattered  .... wg phone goes off thinking she'll ignore it as my manhood was working to full erection that was not to be as she went for the phone and was speaking to the next punter then it dawned on me that this b**ch is a converbelt wg. I said i paid please put the phone down this is my time which she did i thought yes i could salvage this as my manhood was going limp back to action. I thought quickly cut to the chase strip off and get the deed done when the phone went off again i protested which she replied this is a booking for fuck sake ....told her to suck me off she put cover OW and it was the shittest BJ i ever had hand motion mouth everything was wrong went to DFK her no way didn't even get a peck then went on to mish mash unloaded there in the bag phone goes off again b**ch answers it again and says hurry up time up i show her the phone and say ive got 10min left but couldn't wait to get out of their she proceeds to tell the next punter the door number i said im not out the room he could be outside you should wait until im gone ......exit the flat lord behold next punter waiting in the wings.

reflection after punt driving back=after the second phone call should of demanded money and walked don't know why i stayed must be the that dick down below lol

positives=petite firm hand full of breasts

negatives= rushed time cut dead as a fish punt avoid at all cost forget showering it might cost her more time

Apologies in advance on my grammar etc didn't do well in school lol and hopefully this review is not a jumble mess and use peeps can read and understand it and I get better typing and writing it out as this post taken me good part of an hour to write as i cant remember when i last touched a computer.

Reading past first time post from new members i know im gonna get a beating from the veterans of UKP on this inauguration so lets have ya i got me helmet on lol

www.adultwork.com/2466196 or https://www.adultwork.com/jannine%5Fhottest%2Dbabe

7 review(s) found for jannine_hottest-babe linked to in above post (3 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

Hope you told the next punter as she was so keen for you to meet !

Offline macattack

I actually ran like a bat out of hell to tell you the truth lol

That sound pretty bad. My session was not interrupted by her phone, but I did have a case with Cute.Lisa where my second session was and so I sympathise with you.

Re: Photoshop. When I met herthe only deviation from her pics was the colour of her hair - it was light brown. Are you sure you met her and not her house mate who has black hair according to her pics?

Offline macattack

Some of these WG have so much variations between punters ...

It was defo her and not Roxana ...yes she did have brownish hair
I guess I'll go back to the drawing board & see if I can trap a good 1 on me next venture be lucky
( that's what we say in our trade)

Offline The_Don

Back to back, phone play, poor service and attitude. All for the sum of £60/30 min and £100/60min. As with any W/G YMMV.

I do wonder how some of this W/G would cope in a busy restaurant or different job

Ie low pay, 12+ days with very little time to even stop let alone, play with a phone for hours a day.

Just this morning I stopped at a shop where  2 Romanians girl work. Upto 12 hour day stacking, serving and being on their feet most of the day. Some times there smoking on the phones outside. But as soon as a customer walks up. It's back to work
I've been there, (low pay long hours) and what I take home in a week some mite earn in a few hours.
« Last Edit: August 04, 2015, 09:26:39 AM by The_Don »

You actually said "it's feast time"?!?

Only one thing to say - Romanian

Offline macattack

Me old man use to say that what ever you do in life  make sure you do it to the best as its a dog eat dog world according to some of these WG they take punters for fools advertise the world then give fuck all back ...point taken Don I guess I'll have to up my game as they do say is what you pay is what you get...

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