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Author Topic: Hot Ameera - Euston - A Big Thumbs Up From Me!  (Read 840 times)

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Offline MrBridger


I met Ameera for a three hour incall session a few days ago, at her usual rate less a discount as she'd had to cancel on me a few weeks back. On that occasion not only did she immediately offer the discount on a future booking but she also arranged for Dee to see me instead, so that's definitely a win win! Most girls would just have said 'sorry' and left it at that, I think the way she handled it was above and beyond expectations and gave me a really positive impression before I'd even seen her.

I will keep this brief as she has been well reviewed elsewhere, but I can confirm she is the near perfect mix (for me) of PSE and GFE. Photos are accurate, she's actually even prettier IRL. I was a bit put off beforehand by the facial piercings but in person they really suit her and they didn't bother me at all. Her tongue stud clicks against your teeth from time to time when she kisses you, which is interesting, she said she would have been happy to take it out if I had asked her to but I was fine with it (especially during OWO!).

Really great passionate DFK from the outset and throughout.

After a shower and with the money sorted, it was straight into fantastic OWO/DT with a bit of gagging and spitting, moving into RO during which I inserted a couple of fingers. She grabbed the lube and asked me to put my thumb in her arse at the same time, this went on for a minute or two and then she got out the Doxy and began writhing all over the bed with the Doxy on her clit and my fingers and thumb still inside her until she came.

More OWO followed, then cowgirl followed by doggy until round one came to its inevitable conclusion. By this point I was covered in sweat - it wasn't a particularly hot evening but it's a smallish room.

Cleaned up, drink and a chat before a prolonged round 2 which included a long session of rimming on me; she told me she prefers rimming to giving blowjobs - I can certainly confirm she's excellent at both. More RO and then we spent the rest of the time cuddling and chatting, with her giving me the most incredible mixture of OWO and HJ that eventually brought on pop number 2 (very rare for me), and very nearly number 3 (unheard of for me).

She is friendly and chatty, funny, a little bit manic sometimes but absolutely charming. Her accent is very sexy - the way she says 'fuck' with a slightly softened 'ck' is a real turn on. Conversation ranged from other UKPers and what she gets up to in her personal sex life to the music of David Bowie and the films of Stanley Kubrick. I always felt I had her full attention and she was constantly  focussed on giving me a good time.

I would (will) go back without hesitation.

OK I said I would keep it brief - sorry I didn't quite manage that but I can't be bothered to do any editing.


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77 review(s) found for Hot Ameera linked to in above post (76 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline The_Don

You had s discount due to a cancelled punt :thumbsup:

Most W/G wouldn't dream of losing money for working but a few understand that letting down punter isn't good.

I must admit that due to my lazy-ness and timing. I've not returned to see Ameera.

But sam post is what made me contact a W/G again after wasting my time.


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Offline johnnyboy61

Thanks for the review MrB and glad you enjoyed her. To be honest the facial piercings have put me off too. Interesting to see your comments about them and so I might have to take the plunge soon.
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