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or https://www.adultwork.com/annabelle22

Have seen a quite a few ladies recently, but it is not often I have the place to myself to log in and write the reviews. Have a short window available tonight  and I have quite a few to get through, so will make them clear and concise as possible.

I saw Annabelle about 2 weeks ago at a hotel on Bath Road. Very easy access and parking is VERY good at £1 per hour! She pops over every now and again.
£160p/hr - noticed she has gone up by a tenner very recently.

Very good looking polish lady (30s) with what I can only describe as a figure that looks like sex; CAVE MAN sex.  Pictures are accurate but they don't show the whole package (which is more than the sum of the parts). She has a typical EE face - you know what I mean (pretty, but you can tell she is from EE). She has great height with strong legs + soft skin (Almsot latino/amazonian stereotypical body-wise ). She has looked after herself. Confident, out-going and appears to be well travelled.

With the right type of client I can imagine the sizzling body matching a more PSE type of service.
However, I'm a fairly vanilla kinda guy and usually easy to please and so opted for GFE.
Decent OWO with CIM. RO was ok.

Not much to say here, apart from the punt felt a bit mechanical / her forte isn't GFE.

Would I Return: If I could afford her, probably as a plan B. But, as I am not made of money there are too many ladies still left to see offering better vfm.

Have a few reviews still left to write, but my place will be filled with people very soon, so I shall save the others for another day.
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