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Author Topic: Hats off and thank you to Admin  (Read 3772 times)

Online RedKettle

Yes a thank you from me too  :hi:

I also believe that we (members) should do as much as possible to help keep this (free) fantastic source of information flowing smoothly.

(My opinion only of personal rules I try to stick to)

- Keep an eye out for pimps, touts & trouble makers & report them (after a bit of questioning & gentle ribbing  ;)) to admin/NIK
- Try to encourage reviews from lurkers as opposed to demanding they do them.
- Help out if possible by adding links if an OP is unable to do so but point them in the right direction for next time.
- Don't have a hissy fit if your favourite prossie gets a bad review or comment, it just makes you look a cunt.
- Don't rush to do a retrospective positive review just because one of your go to girls is getting some negative comments as white knighting is cuntish.
- If you don't like a thread then try not to comment (I fail on this where bare-backing & street girl threads are concerned)
- Help with suggestions if a question is asked, however I do stop doing so if the requester isn't contributing.
- Enjoy it for what it is because I for one will miss it when its gone.

Agree - typical northern sense!!

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