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Author Topic: lesser girls in the weekends  (Read 901 times)

Offline royal_male

I only punt in the weekends, i simply cant be bothered to do this on workdays. There are no quality service providers in the reading area in the weekend. Please dont tell me to go to london to punt, the overheads of the trains and journeys are too much for me.

I understand WG's also need a break, but i think they would make more money if they were to work on the weekends and take other days off.

Does anyone else have this issue?


Offline Cunning Punt

There are no quality service providers in the reading area in the weekend

There are no quality service providers in Reading. Full stop!
With the obvious exception of Leticia, who's very pricey and, no, she doesn't work weekends, though I noted the green light was on last weekend.

Like you, I don't have time in the week, so usually punt weekends.

Feather/Mia works weekends and is reasonable for half an hour punt, as is Stella, who works Sundays but is over-rated IMO.

Other than that, you get the odd girl touring occasionally, eg Barbara Goldilocks who I met and reviewed today. But touring girls are here and then gone.

Reading's a punting desert, Slough is no better and Maidenhead has few decent girls at weekends. This is why I usually end up driving to Harrow/Ealing/Heathrow area.

It means 2-3 hours in the car in total, but it's worth it and I would suggest you do the same... and then you can get off the mark and start writing some reviews!

I'm going to start travelling to London for punts, £20 on the train and an hour each way on the train/tube is worth it IMO.

Offline tictacs

Yes not much round this way at the weekend. Have to get a train into London for more choice at the weekend but I can rarely be bothered and have hardly punted this year as a result.

Offline royal_male

There are no quality service providers in Reading. Full stop!

Hmm.. yeah kind of true.. are you suggesting you need to go to london for anything good??

Offline Cunning Punt

I think that was pretty clear - from myself, Hyperchicken and Tictacs!
Particularly at weekends.

As I said, doesn't have to be central London. Plenty of reviews on here from girls in Harrow / Ealing area, an hour away if you've got a car. Search for the 7-digit code number within the web address at the bottom of her AW profile.

Good luck

Offline pong

It is not only a weekend problem. Also evenings after 8pm are pretty bad in UK, while in other countries the prime punting time starts at 8.

Offline royal_male

well speaking of reading, this week has been a massive increase in number of girls touring. Im not sure of the quality of them.

yeah i agree, i used to live in holland before. It was so much better with the Prive huis open till 2 in the night. You could go out for drinks and then go to a prive huis which is basicaly a brothel.

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