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Author Topic: July was the best month in this site's history  (Read 1781 times)

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Despite all the attempts by the trolls, DDoS idiots, haters, and other website owners trying to bring this site down or stop it's growth, we are still growing.

All time high of 800+ new reviews and 670,000+ unique visitors last month.

UKPunting is the second largest site in the UK after AdultWork, and the ONLY site that puts the interests of punters before that of advertisers (this site has no adverts of course). Still the ONLY site that is owned by a punter and not someone who wants to make money of punters and sex workers and agency pimps. Unlike others I have no personal connection with any sex worker.

Some big improvements coming later this month (profiles, review search by location and distance, etc.) that will make the site even bigger.

And not forgetting there is less than 16 days until UKP's 5th birthday  :drinks:

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