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Author Topic: NurseChloe Derby  (Read 966 times)

Offline hsl

Hi all,

It's been a while since I posted on here...

Anyway straight to the point. Has anyone see NurseChloe?


The usual searches yields nothing. She's been around a bit and looks like she's forever 20. Profile looks genuine however. Don't really want to TOFTT as I have other candidate on my list already.


Offline Ipunter

Well! Where do I start with this one!

She is someone I've wanted to see for some time, but you have to message her on Thursday as she only works on Friday, so I messaged her late on Wednesday as I wanted to get in there first as before she said regulars get priority, it was read but no reply until either late Friday or even Saturday morning after I sent another mail on Thursday reminding her I'd like to see her.

She basically said "and answered the ones on thurs first"  So because I sent it on the Wednesday it was ignored.  It's funny because I messaged her a week before and she messaged back straight away.

I've marked her as a Timewaster and Blocked her on AW.

The last AW Feedback for Escorting was on 24/05/2014, she's online nearly every day so surely she would have got more feedback.  I'm thinking she doesn't Escort any more.

I have the same experience, she seems to be a bit of a time waster/up her self.
If she does still do meets I think you need to be a reg to get seen and to be honest i'm sick of jumping through hoops to get to see some Wg's, shes one of them. Along with a couple of others that have their way off my HL a while ago and another made her way off it last week when she blocked me for having the cheek to text her to see if she was was free later that day. Bloody women!

I to think she a time waster I've tried to book her a couple of times most recent being a few weeks ago and both times I've been unsuccessful. The last time I tried I messaged her asking if she was free she got back to me straight away saying I would have to message her day before I wanted to meet so I did which was only 2 days after first message and she replied saying she wasn't working surely she would have known this when I first messaged her. In my view she's a time waster so she's off my HL

Offline Ipunter

I don't understand how she can't know what hotel she'll be working from until Thursday?? I'm glad it's not just me!

Offline superam

Had a similar experience when I enquired about her, top dollar and OW  :lol: i'll pass thanks love.

Offline Taggart

I've wavered on and off about Chloe, but she's too flakey with appointments, the lack of genuine committment and recent feedback, so I have dropped her from my HL, although I did this at a time when Holly G and a couple of others had a higher priority. Retrospectively, it was the right decision, as I cannot fathom out if Chloe is a looker or has a face for radio.

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