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Author Topic: Joanna Tantric Massage - Chingford  (Read 1227 times)

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Offline Hotshots76

Hello all, I have been punting for longer than my morals care to remind me, I tend not to do many reviews as most of the clientele I visit are normally well reviewed anyway, I work hard for my money so I don't like to see it squandered. Money well spent is a great feeling. Money invested poorly is quite frankly soul destroying.

I am writing this review as I wouldn't say the establishment has been that heavily reviewed. Also the whole massage thing is not the norm for me.... So here it goes. * Buckle Up*

Escort: Joanna & Pixie
AW Link: http://www.massageinchingford.co.uk/
Location: Chingford
Date: 30th July 2015
Donation: 80
Duration: 1 hour

Comms: All of which was organised via text. This was a simple
 and easy way to arrange our appointment. I really have no issues there.  I got there late so I am thinking I might have even been the last appointment.

Location. House - corner house.

Pretty straight forward, I tried to remain respectful, took shoes off at earliest opportunity and made a point of please and thank you.  If there is one thing I have learnt over the years - you can only make one first impression. Naturally I have found that if you make a good impression when punting some times the odd opportunity, offer or additional minutes sometimes come your way.

The talent:

Joanna looked stunning, not the sort of woman that would usually catch my attention but it's fair to say she had my undivided attention.... well actually that's a lie. I was informed that Pixie was new to the establishment and was here on a trial basis only.

She was unique to say the least. Light pink hair, no taller than 5ft 2inch.
Hungarian apparently.

The service: Majestic and empowering.

I literally laid there for the durations of the session feeling like a God. I can honestly say it is one of the better massages I have had without any doubt.

Everyone always wants to know what the grand finale was like ... I made a special request that Pixie would wank me off , using her arse to assist. .... So naturally she arched her back, stuck her arse out,  placed my arse up against it.... placed her hand the other side and proceeded to bounce until I shot my load over her juicy arse . I managed to decorate that and her hand quite nicely.

Would I go back? ... do bears shit in the woods?

Offline brownie

ohh pixie ill try her next time  :cool:

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