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Author Topic: 'Chelsea Babe'  (Read 1140 times)

Offline essexmat

https://www.adultwork.com/3030733 or https://www.adultwork.com/chelsea%2Ebabe

Anyone with any additional info? Long shot I know.

Limited services listed and no feedback but looks pretty tasty (if this is her) and always fancied seeing a red head/ginger!

I am guessing I am going to hav to TOFTT on this one aren't I?!

"On a brighter note im out and ready for work"

Hmmmmmm out from where?
Im thinking you might meet her driver/security wether you need to or not!!!!

Sorry buddy ALARM BELLS

Offline essexmat

No mate, I am with on this, just doesn't seem worth the risk to me

The personal email address listed fast and furious,maybe a reference to the films? If so I'd say it's more likely to belong to a bloke.

Sent her a message about an incall meet. Apparently she only does outcalls and car meets.

Shame, as she was right up my street.

Met her for a car meet as I'm still relatively new to this! Had my doubts but she gave incredible head! That being said she wasn't keen to stay around for long. However, I would meet her for sex if given the chance!

Offline Simplysimon

If incalls and full service were available I'd risk it , just like SWMBO was 35 years ago  :(

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