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Author Topic: Bust one out before seeing an escort, or go fully loaded?  (Read 2524 times)

When i first started i used to knock one sometimes two out before a punt but i kinda went in half hearted after already dropping my load so stopped meeting ruby palmer before punts.

Offline Aspen

Fully loaded every time. It takes the gloss off if you don't do that. I tried it once to prolong it, and that was a big mistake.
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I never have a wank on the day of a punt, I see that as a waste and would kill my buzz.

Offline frankc

I never knock one out on the day of a punt , never have......... recently I've developed a taste for doing 2 different girls on the same day, 2 x half hour punts , one in the morning and one in the afternoon, so I need to keep my energy levels up.....so if I had a ham shank before, then the 2 punts, and then the missus comes knocking at night I'd be looking at 4 pops in 1 day.... :wacko:

Offline theblade

I try and go 3/4 days without Spunking before a punt. Will have a wank every day before but don't cum, that builds up a good load. I love to shower the ladies face. So sexy seeing her covered in my spunk. :D

2-3 days without ejaculation.

Normally I do the first shot through just oral so she gets the full blast in her mouth, face, hair etc.

Then means I get enough bang for my buck when I'm riding her

Save up my balls for a couple of days making sure I shoot a massive load all over her face.  I shoot quite a big load and I love the look on a WG's face when she's caught off-guard.  :D

Offline Dime

If it's an afternoon or evening punt, I usually have a wank in them morning when I wake up- it's too tempting. I remember once though I had a 6pm punt and was sitting about the house all day, which was torture but I managed to hold off and during the punt shot a massive load.

Offline tazz

Find it difficult to go for a day without a jerk off so i rarely ever go in fully loaded. Most i ever did was a week on holiday when i shared a room with a friend.


I find how long its been since I last came makes no difference to the volume of cum (1 hour, 1 day, 1 week).  What counts for me is how much fun I am having during the punt - if I go an hour with a girl I really fancy before I cum she will always get a full load.

But I do sometimes bust one out a couple of hours before a punt if I know I am seeing a top girl for a long punt so as to ensure I don't cum too early.

Cheers!  :drinks:

No fap rule 7 to 14 days minimum

Generally the time between bookings

Gonna see what 20 days no fap does at some point
You are quite young aren't you pal.  You will be walking around with a permanent stiffy during that period with balls the size of grapefruits and the colour of a Chelsea shirt  :hi:

Offline DaPizzle

I'd fap all day long given half the chance so going with out for even a few days before means i pop waaaaay too early into a punt and I sometimes struggle to pop twice in an hour, so now my only rule is 'not on the day of the punt'

And even that's hard for me to do normally......

Jerking one out before going

I would never actually go if I did this  :(

Offline Siadwel

Sexynicole1986 on Monday, Lovely Emily on Thursday and Girlfriend Jenny on Friday.

Hardly had time for one off the wrist, to be honest.  :D

If I am having a 30 min OWO session, I knock one out in the morning, to ensure I can last the whole 30 mins without going off in the first 5 mins. I will try leaving it next time for a day, but a day is all I can manage - I need to cum at least twice a day, either in a mouth, arse, pussy or on my own or someone's hand.

Offline Pdubz

I normally have a weeks worth before any visit

Once i made a booking with a wg, went to have a shower got a bit excited and then had to text the wg to cancel the booking.

For me personally tugging one out before a meet kills its buzz and i lose all motivation for it

Also this has also saved me £££
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