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Author Topic: Which one?  (Read 437 times)

Offline brandevon

Ok guys,
They're all a little different,but which one for a punt.
Any experiences with them?
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Offline Hawdit

Although an EE girl redhotbabe is the best punt of those 4, in my opinion.
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Offline JasonP

Mmelody used to go touring as a tag team with sassylou who has ceased trading. I have not had the pleasure of melody but have had sassylou  a few times and she reckons melody is a filthy bitch ( in a good sexual way ) and I was hoping for a threesome at some time based on that. Not first hand info. but I can't see why sassylou would tell porky pies.
I have seen chelsea. She works out of a council flat on the main road into thr Barbican. She was a hasty plan B and I didn't realise she did domination/fetish but no sex until money had been paid. My fault entirely but it was still a good session with her doing a sexy lap dance type thing with me stripped off and wanked over her carpet. I won't be going back for seconds though.
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