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Author Topic: Welsh_Brunette  (Read 1086 times)

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Offline dumbo25

https://www.adultwork.com/2213030 or https://www.adultwork.com/Welsh%5FBrunette

Near Bridgend

1hr incall - £120.

I had to write a review about WB as she still one of best punts in this area. After a few duff punts (trying new girls) went back to what i knew was gonna be a very good one.

Text her and got an immediate reply for an incall later that day. Knew the address from previous visits. Text to tell her i was at the door and was given the ok to go in.

She opened up the door wearing a black corsette, suspenders and stockings. No knickers her shaved pussy was in view as always, walking up those stairs with her pussy viewable between her legs made my cock go hard immediatley. Got to bedroom and paperwork sorted.

Started with DFK, with her wanking my cock and me fingering her pussy. Moved on to sucking her big enhanced tits, then oral without. Her oral skills are the best, wet, long and if you not careful you could pop within seconds. While she sucked my cock, i was licking her wet, pink, sweet pussy, and sticking my fingers in to the delight of hearing her moans. Then licking her pussy with her legs bent back, so her pussy was wide open, this is a sight to behold!  :wackogirl:

Then had to fuck her, had her with legs wide apart with me fucking her and fingering her pussy, then missionary fucking her while dfk. Then she rode in top with me spreading her cheeks wide and then doggy. Couldnt hold on much longer, so off with condom with her wanking me to completion over her big tits!

Still one of the best punts..if you had a few bad punts then you need to see WB to keep your juices flowing! :D

23 review(s) found for Welsh_Brunette linked to in above post (22 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline pork sword

I couldn't agree more she certainly sets the bar very high for others to try and follow  :thumbsup:

23 review(s) found for Welsh_Brunette linked to in above post (22 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

I really need to try to go and see WB sometime soon, she sounds amazing!!

Any more of a description of what she looks like, or does she have face pics in private gallery?

Offline dumbo25

A few pics on her profile and her stats are correct. She has a few tattoos but just the normal ones you would find. Pierced clit, when you lick and suck her pussy you get to play with the piercing too..lol


I have a visit to South Wales planned quite soon, she sounds good - it's a shame she doesn't seem to offer anal, unless anybody knows different?

She used to but not anymore, never asked why as I always seem to lose track of time when I visit, and forget.

Offline Redevil86

She's on my h l and I will be visiting when well again, w b is the type of girl we should all be visiting, class act, others should learn her ways and we'd all be happy.

She's one I've been planning on visiting for some time. After reading that review its gonna be soon!

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