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Author Topic: Heidi BSS (Best Shag in Scotland!)  (Read 1437 times)

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Offline Graeme387

Fellow punters,
I have finally realised that my cravings for Heidi will result in me becoming a poor man.
I have seen her many times and the experience never becomes vanilla.
She continues to make every meeting an experience that I never want to end.

It feels like she really enjoys the time spent together and she is just so accommodating to all my needs.

Cannot recommend her enough and have yet (in over 25 years of punting) to find a better person to spend time and money with.

If you are a new or experienced  :hi:punter and wondering where to go in Edinburgh, there is no better place to go.
Parking your car near Blair Street, especially in August will be the only downside. The hassle is worth it though.

If you read this Heidi, you have my respect for being the best at what you do.  :hi:

I've been a fan of Heidi's for 7 years but sadly feel that she is past her prime at 35 and after so many thousands of cocks.  She's like the Federer or Nadal of prossies.  Defo one of the greats but in the past tense.
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