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Author Topic: WTF am I going to do?  (Read 989 times)

As my username implies, I really like OWO & CIM.  About 65 punts in about 6 years - most with CIM.
But I'm in a r/ship now and though I've not stopped punting, this thread has put me off OWO - https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=58716.0
On one hand, this means there are loads more suitable WGs, and the price of punts has gone down.  On the other hand, my satisfaction has gone down too.

How can I raise my satisfaction levels again?  Anal feels "naughty" but tbh I can take it or leave it - it's not worth extra cash.  Is it the intimacy I like?  Can I replace the OWO with chat - perhaps I should see some highly reviewed English WGs like Alex or Nicole to find out?

I think this is an inevitable trade off and I'm going to like punting less forever, or go back to doing what I was doing.

Offline Juankerr

Some services like OWO always carry the 'risk & reward' factor, If I were you I'd just carry on as you were and get checked up on a regular basis if you still have concerns.  :hi:

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