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Author Topic: cloe4youxxxxx / English_Minx  (Read 621 times)

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1 review(s) for English_Minx (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

cloe4youxxxxx / English_Minx




Apologies for the delay, I saw this girl earlier in the year (around Feb?) She seems to have a new profile now, while her old one is still active (albeit not logged-in since June). I don't know, but I suspect the old one was run by a 'driver'/pimp - certainly the booking process was conducted solely by email/text, never by voice on the phone. So maybe this new one is just her, 'striking out on her own'?

You'll note that the new profile has slightly higher prices.

This was a 1hr outcall to my house, the booking was made when she was called 'Cloe', so that's how I'll refer to her.

Cloe arrived on-time, her driver having parked discreetly away from my house as requested. She was dressed relatively demurely in a skirt, coat and heels. I invited her in and was immediately struck by her smiling friendliness - also her lovely figure. Here is a girl blessed with good genes, and not afraid to eat normally. She's quite statuesque in heels, with a beautiful, full figure, a nipped-in waist and wonderful firm, large breasts (as I was to discover later). Not fat or overweight at all, just a lovely womanly figure. Of her two profiles, I'd say she's 23 rather than 21 but this is academic really. She was quite sweet and matter-of-fact rather than girly or teenagery.

We shared a glass of wine on the sofa, and made pleasant chit-chat. After gently caressing her thigh with my hand while doing so, I gestured that we might make our way upstairs, and we took our wine with us.

Sitting on the bed, we started to kiss, Cloe kisses sensually with tongues and it wasn't long before our clothes started to come off. I gave out a little gasp as her breasts were unleashed, they're pretty magnificent. I smiled into her eyes as I caressed them and there was more kissing. Then it was off with the rest of our clothes and I went down on her, to her appreciative moans. I rolled her over and got her on all-fours where I could feast on her pussy and arse, pulling her cheeks apart as I did so. This went down rather well and she was keen to get a taste of my - by now - rigid cock. Her BJ technique was gentle and 'loving' rather than slurpy and PSE. It felt great, and when requested to, she licked my balls very nicely. I'm moderately endowed and whilst not attempting to do a deep-throat special on me, she certainly got it all in apart from the final inch (between you and me, that's a good 5.5" down her throat).

I developed this into a 69 which went on for quite some time. Cloe tasted clean and fresh, with none of that sweet lube crap which I hate. She just tasted of Cloe, a feast of aroused pheromones, far superior to anything out of a bloody bottle! She suggested I might like to rubber up (there was no hint of rushing on her part) and I did so.

We indulged in the usual round-the-houses of positions, and Cloe was happy to do them all. My favorites with her were doggy (all the better to appreciate her lovely arse, which I gently fingered while pumping her pussy), and cowgirl, which afforded a lovely view of her swinging mammaries which I could cup and nuzzle to my heart's content. Cloe was nicely energetic during this, and after some time I felt the sap rising. I looked up at her with my baby blues and asked very nicely if I could cum in her mouth. She said 'of course' and climbed off.

I got on my knees on the bed and she got her head down on my cock, while a combination of me wanking and her licking my cock and balls brought me to the brink. I told her I was cumming and she held me firmly in her mouth until I got it all out. She giggled with her mouth full and then swallowed the lot. Good girl!

Totally spent, I bade her lie with me awhile to get my breath back and gather my senses. We had a nice afterglow cuddle and then with 5mins of the hour to go, she went to the bathroom to freshen up. She left me pretty well on the hour, with a smile and a kiss.

Although this was some months ago now, you'll notice quite a bit of detail there. Well, truth be told, in all sorts of ways my memory is slightly failing as I get older. But I always remember a good shag! And this was one of them.

Cloe was a sweet, willing and friendly girl, happy to go with the flow. Having been round the streets a bit now, I'd probably ask to fuck her up the arse too, for the extra, But this doesn't seem to be an option now? Shame. I will try to see her again though, and I shall ask her. It would be the nice thing to do after I'd spent 10mins licking it now, wouldn't it?  :P

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Offline The happy one


great review

top of my hot list in the must do folder and email sent

 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Banning reason: Suspected pimp involved in organizing parties


She's a nice girl, thanks for reminding me of it.

Well she's not signed on for about 6 weeks and there's no phone number so you might have a long wait .. :unknown:


She's a nice girl, thanks for reminding me of it.
Do you know why she has 2 profiles by any chance?


She states in her profile - away for a month and back start of August - read her new profile

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