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I have seen Demi numerous times over the past couple of years but here is my latest review


Comms: As a regular, she is easy to txt and replies as soon as she can...a meet up was arranged within 5 mins and as i have previously visited her abode...no directions were needed

Her location is very safe and not once have i felt 'prying eyes'

I arrived and as always, you remove your shoes before she shows you upstairs (i had requested thigh high boots with a corset and boy she didn't disappoint!)

We enter the room and exchanged $$$$. Now what makes Demi different is...she doesn't run to hide the money, she simply puts it down and helps you undress....bonus :)

Once naked we engaged in some light kissing stood up progressing into some nice fk. I then take control and push her back onto the wall where the kissing intensifies. Now she works her way down and takes my soldier (owo) in her mouth.

Now i am not too fussed about bj's in all honesty but Demi can suck for england! The way she works up and down...deep throating...lots of gagging and still staring at you...it is a sight to behold!! I can literally let her deep throat me for the whole session!

After about 10 mins of a porn star bj, i throw her on to bed where i decide to start missionary and have a more gfe approach.... she wraps her legs around me, places her hands on my head and proceeds to kiss me whilst we go at a slow pace....pure bliss!!

After a while we change into doggy where i pick up the pace and start really banging away very hard....this leads into her squat fucking me from on top with plenty of encouraging noises...

I get to the point where i am about to cum and so i asked if we can snowball which her reply was...fuck yes...my favourite! Off with the mack and she starts deep throating me whilst i am lay flat... i finally shoot a healthy load into her mouth and she quickly straddles me and starts dribbling my cum over my.mouth and then bam...her tounge is deep in me with my cum going everywhere!

We cleaned up...i got dressed (and so did she) but all the time we were chatting like old mates.

She is a true jem...Such a laid back lady who knows how to please a man!

4 review(s) found for DemiLeighxx linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Amvbcff

I second this, (other than the snowballing).

She is up there with the best. Everything was so easy and no trouble, deep throat is class and the gagging is such a turn on. She really takes care of her self, every part of her is perfect, even down to her perfectly pedicured toe nails and smooth feet. Top girl!

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