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Author Topic: Questions on Parlours  (Read 679 times)

I've been looking at visiting a massage parlour for the first time.
I have whittled down my search to Victoria House in Lutterworth & Soft Touch Bodyworks in Northampton. Both easy to get to on my way back from work.

Has anyone been to these in the last few months? What is your view of the place?

How do you chose a girl? Do you tell the receptionist what you want or do you get to speak to the girls who are free?

Can you book a particular girl in advance?

Do you get told prices at the door or do you discuss with the girl in the room?

Offline PMAC123

I haven't been to those places specifically but normal parlour procedure is they come out one by one and introduce themselves, then you choose which one you want. Usually a good idea to call first and see who is working at the time and you can also ask any questions then if unsure. Price usually the same for all girls.

Offline johnnyboy61

I've used Victoria House from time to time as it is only 5 minutes off the M1 and has a good selection of girls that seem to come from a very wide geographical area to work there for one or two days a week. You can either book a girl in advance or go in and get told who is free and they will point out their photos on the wall opposite the reception desk. Unlike the pics on the website the faces are not blurred, but you don't get a lineup or the girls coming into the room in turn to introduce themselves, as you may in some smaller parlours.

You pay a basic fee for the room at reception and then pay the girl in the room, but their fees are standard across the board. Comfortable setup with showers, jacuzzi, fluffy dressing gowns and slippers. A bit odd waiting for the girls in the upper waiting area with the possibility of sitting in a comfortable armchair faced by another punter waiting for another girl. Rooms are all comfortable and spacious with different facilities and huge beds at floor level floor with mirrors strategically placed.  I seem to remember that one had a swing which I tried to use with a girl, but I was too tall for the height that it was adjusted too. They have a VIP room although I have never used it.

The only problem is that I tend to like longer punts nowadays with 60 min minimum and it can work out much more expensive than a good independent. My best punt there was Melanie, although she's difficult to book as she only works one day and is often booked in advance. There is parking through the archway, but I wouldn't want to risk it in a large car as both the entrance and the parking area are very tight.
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