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Author Topic: XXXVICKIXXX - Kensington Olympia  (Read 1409 times)

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Searching AW Vicki's profile caught my eye good range of services, fairly local and profile pics showed slim brunette although no face pics as they are blurred. I couldn't see any reviews on here and a handful of AW feedbacks which generally mean jack anyway didn't fill me with loads of confidence but there wasn't too much else in the same area that was getting me interested so thought I would call and see if I could feel for her on the phone.

Called the number on the profile and picked up straight away asked for a last minute booking which was no problem and promptly texted through postcode.  She sounded very pleasant and friendly on the phone so this softened my reservations a bit (although could of been a maid ).

Flat is located in a small block behind Kensington Olympia easy enough to find and about 5 min walk from the station. Called when I got to the road and she texted me flat number so good comms throughout and wasn't dicked about.

Went to flat door opened to reveal a pretty Polish girl brunette early to mid 20s, slim but curves in the right places..so far so good. Took quick shower and back on the room. She comes in the room sets an alarm clock then goes out again this set alarm bells ringing  so I'm thinking bollocks this is going to be shit either im getting b&s with some huge fat whale or going to get short changed on time with some mechanical punt, hadn't handed any money over yet so thought I would stick with it.

Thankfully she comes back in after a couple of minutes with a naughty look on her eye and still hasn't asked for money and by this point handsolo jnr had taken over so past the point of no return. She stripped down to her underwear and we cuddled and fk - no dfk it was pretty closed mouth so if dfk is your thing it might be a deal breaker bur good enough for me to get turned on she liked her neck kissed aswell so was feeling like a GFE.

Took off her bra to reveal lovely pair of  c cup tits and nice erect nipples which I soon had my mouth and hands around, she peeled off my towel whilst gently wanking my cock so returned the favour started rubbing her minge through her knickers and then taking these of to do the same. I like to lick pussy on a punt and started to give her oral and fingers (felt nice and tight) and the same time she was very responsive and after 10 mins or so she came and pretty confident it was real as she politely thanked me and I know the signs when it's real or fake ( not trying big myself up just find if you can get them off it can make for a better service on you.

My turn next good bj, nice variation and could easily of popped in her mouth but wanted to experience that tight pussy so on with the mac and cowgirl up on her feet great rhythm and the sap was rising wanted doggy before I popped this was great also she starts pushing back in doggy and cumming was imminent so asked for cim off with the mac and finished off in her mouth.

Quick wipe and chat she still hadn't asked for the money yet so handed it over a left a very happy man.

£70 for 30mins great looking ,great shag and seems a nice girl who provides s genuine gfe this was a vanilla punt but extremely well done vanilla punt and would recommend.

https://www.adultwork.com/2900139 or https://www.adultwork.com/XXXVICKIXXX

1 review(s) found for XXXVICKIXXX linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Online king tarzan

Looks ok
but no dfk really off putting
need dfk like washing machine needs water

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