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Author Topic: Girls from Cathays, anyone met them?  (Read 698 times)

Offline HughJardon

The first of your Links is a girl ive reviewed, sexy dani or valentina she seems to be running multiple profiles

The 2nd looks romanian to me  :scare:

Offline HughJardon

On closer inspection the 2nd profile is the new blonde at abygales called Sabrina .

I would post a review but it was a typically Romanian punt. Although shes probably the hottest girl ive fucked this year.


Stunning face body ass she gave great deepthroat


Romanian -quite a cold service ,
If in my twilight years i get into ladies domming me and treating me like shit i will just punt hot roma gals

Offline rsoft

Thanks. I've been at abygales, wasn't delighted.
I'll pass.

Offline HughJardon

At the end of the Day its a parlour and its only use to me is at silly o clock in the morning when my bellys swishing around with beer n spirits and ive got the drunken horn, also i enjoy having ladies paraded in front of me abeit half are munters
Downside of this is that you may spot someone familiar ,hasnt happened to me yet but lets just say im mindfull of this

Not sure where in Cathays but the 2nd one HJ definitely not Sabrina from Abygales.  These pics have showed up before so I doubt she is the girl you will see.  I did pop into Abys a couple of days ago and did see Sabrina.. I have had worse and better but will admit she is worth a pop or 2.  If you like petite blondes with a smooth pussy and tiny arse then for a walk in you can't really complain.   There's a girl called Mercedes there who is very friendly and probably well worth the money in a late night.   I would see both these again on one of my jaunts after hours when the pubs close.

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