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Author Topic: NicolyBrasilian (swiss cottage)  (Read 1495 times)

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15min session with Nicoly based 5 mins walk from Swiss Collatge tube station NW London. Parking is available, but very busy, was lucky to snipe a spot 2mins walk from Nicoly flat.

Comms were decent, called a few times, then got through to who I assume was Nicoly to arrange a 7.30pm meeting. Her english is decent, she did struggle with a few questions, but all in all her english sufficed.

I think the flat was used with another girl, but didnt catch sight of her,nor heard anyone else.

nicoly is a busty, curvy Brasillian, with a playful and sexy personality. The flat is in the 15th floor of a High rise buliding, very dicreet, unless your unlucky enough for the occupants of the opposite flat happen to be entering/leaving.

As soon as I entered she was rubbing her nice bum up and down me, and encouraging ,to squeeze her big natural tits and round arse.

Money handed over, straight into OWO with plenty of eye contact and dirty chatter, unfortunatly no hint of DT, but im now use to it being advertised but not actually perfomed to my standards (with is balls deep and gagging). Due to my time constraints I was content with 15mins of OWO, but i guess she was in the mood, and on with the rubber, into great doggy. Me being 6'3 and Nicoly around 5'4' it was easy to manipulate her and she looked good backing into me.

I know Its a big ask for me to cum with a condom on, so switch back to OWO / tit wank and popped on her nice tits.

We talked a little, she was still flirting and hugging me and trying to get me hard again, even though I was getting dressed. Absolutely no sign of clock watching, I dont even know how long I was there for but it was definitely more than the 15mins.

nicoly looks like her pics, for my test she had the right amount of thickness while not looking fat. Big arse and tits, pretty sure they are both real.

All in all a very good punt, and will definitely be making a return for a longer session.  She is local enough for me to make her a regular, while not charging the earth.

I dont kiss WGs so cant confirm if kissing or DFK is on offer. Any questions ask away.

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5 review(s) found for NicolyBrasilian linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline 3HK

Added to the hotlist, good review.

Added to the hotlist, good review.


If you do vist, please let us know how you got on.

Also want to add she increased her 15mins from £40 to £50. I handed over £40 so it was probably changed soon after my visit.

I saw Nicholy a few weeks back.....lovely girl.....clean flat.....decent OWO...Overall Rating 7/10....

I saw Nicholy a few weeks back.....lovely girl.....clean flat.....decent OWO...Overall Rating 7/10....
If you see someone and have an opinion it's a good policy to write a review so it shows up on the WG's stats for others looking. Gentle nudge!  :hi:

Op, thanks for the review. Good location for me so onto the HL.

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