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Author Topic: xAgneeSx - southampton AVOID  (Read 663 times)

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Avoid like the plague

Made a booking over the phone, via txt.

Went to the venue - a hotel in the city.

She opened the door, is attractive Romanian.  Nice body, few tattoos.

Proceed to Oral WITH.  I protested, saying her profile says OWO, she said doesn't matter, it means nothing.

I stopped her, and said this wasn't right, as I was hoping for OWO.  She said its £30 extra. 

I said this was not on her profile, and it was therefore misleading.  She said no matter.  I either accept what she does, or I can leave, minus half my fee.

I was shocked at her attitude.

I duly dressed and left, and took all of my fee.

Appalling girl, just a nice ad to get in punters...avoid

10 review(s) found for Xxx jessie linked to in above post (2 positive, 5 neutral, 3 negative)

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Most punters, at some point come across W/G not doing what on the like list

Oral without (at discretion)

For me, I like to confirm services before handing over money. With in a minute or 2, I can tell (with most) if they have an issue with attitude and service.  Normally just asking a few questions via text/calls and in person. If you get the "my friend took the call" crap or "your not clean" or "I'm not doing that service and my profile needs changing". Show them the text and why did they confirm because they have just wasted your time.

If I don't like the look of some thing or her attitude and service is poor or it doesn't feel right at a punt. I walk away with out paying (and a smile) knowing. I've not wasted my hard earned cash on a poor excuses for a service provider.

Then I book a regular or punt another day.

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