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Author Topic: Faye_Coxx - Basingstoke  (Read 1044 times)

I see that Faye_Coxx (on AW - can't get the link on here, stupid phone) is back, offering service in Basingstoke.

I think it's been a while since she was last active but does anyone remember her? Worth a visit?

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Offline mh

As I recall she used to charge more than I was willing to pay for someone whose buxom shape didn't do much for me. I was more interested in seeing the Horny_Housemates duo she seemed to work with as a group, but they were never available and stopped some time ago though the profile persisted for ages afterwards milking the PG income no doubt.

I've always thought her AW name to be poorly chosen, don't you? When said out loud it brings to mind a post-op tranny!

Offline Stiltskin

She's been back a while and has no new feedback. I think until now at least she's just been trying to get some PG income. Horny_Housemates did that for a long time after they quit. I could be wrong though.

Offline Stiltskin

Looks like she's back in business, with several more positive feedbacks and one from a well known UKP member!

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