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Author Topic: SweetTeen Julia20  (Read 1739 times)

51 review(s) for sweetTeen_julia20 (47 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

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https://www.adultwork.com/2682789 or https://www.adultwork.com/sweetTeen%5Fjulia20

Saw Julia last Thursday whilst in London "on business" having read a couple reviews on here. I would agree regarding her looks that she is not stunning but I thought she was cute. Her comms were excellent and replied to my email and requested confirmation from me on the morning at 9.00 it was all still going ahead. Having seen her friend Laura (BustyDD) I knew the flat.

She has a fabulous body with a perfect bottom to squeeze and knead along with pert firm breasts. Incredibly welcoming albeit somewhat questioning i.e. "what would I like today", "what position do you want to start". However once we got a bit of start to the massage things only got better. She is very chatty and friendly so easy to get on with.

After some oil application and a massage I turned onto my back and she started on my lower half. She wanted to wake him up and it took a couple strokes and up like a mast. Julia proceeded with great OWO followed by some nice 69 with her on top. This gave me a chance to taste and flick her lips and lick her ring which she seemed to appreciate. Delicious. I wanted cim so Julia got a little more vigorous and it flooded out. She spat it out into a wet wipe and rinsed her mouth. She came back to provide a little more massage and again to awaken him.

Out of the blue she suggested whether I would like to try a strap-on which I had no hesitation in agreeing to. A little fantasy I have had for a while. Out of her rucksack popped an assortment of dildos of varying sizes! Some were massive!! Having checked me out she felt I was too tight for any of those and so a couple fingers should do the trick. I am not ashamed to admit this was all new to me but the sensation of her fucking my arse with her fingers and pressing my prostate was incredible. What was even better was she volunteered all this! Julia then had me on all fours and started to milk my cock with her other hand. Incredible.

I wanted to shag her so suggested she turn round and I banged her doggy while spanking her wonderful bum and rubbing her hole. Some energetic thrusting sorted that out and we had five minutes or so left.

It was a great experience one where I will be returning to finish where I left off and get her to use the strap-on but with lots of lube. On another positive note the bed is no longer squeaky to those who had mentioned it and she acknowledged the bed has been changed!

51 review(s) found for sweetTeen_julia20 linked to in above post (47 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative)

Thanks for the review and good work exploring your more secretive fantasies. It's something I've always thought about trying but never gotten round to.

Julia is really not my cup of tea, too skinny but the news about the bed is excellent as hopefully this means Laura has said goodbye to her ridiculous, uncomfortable horrorbox as well.

sounds like a good punt, thanks for the review. wish she worked evenings as she looks great in the pics. she's off on holiday this thursday for two weeks, so will have to wait to meet her while i'm out 'on business'  ;)

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Thanks for the review!
Hotlisted her as she's exactly the kind I'm looking for  :thumbsup:

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