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Author Topic: Girlfriend Jenny - Welwyn Garden City  (Read 2961 times)

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Offline Siadwel

Maybe that's why she's chosen the summer holidays to go on holiday herself.

I'm always discreet, never park my car in there, nonchalantly go straight to where I'm going, no umming and ahhing looking for the right block, and I certainly don't bang on her door shouting, 'Hey, baby, Daddy's here, y'ain't gonna need your clothes for the next while'.

Hide in Plain Sight, is my mantra. I just wish I could apply it to hotels.
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the worse that could happen at a hotel is they ask you to leave,  I once asked the recption where a room was, and they took me to the room and knocked on the door , I was relieved when the receptionist turned around and walked away, I was thinking what do I say if the girls answers the door naked  :scare:

Offline tarkus

I wonder on what grounds you could be asked to leave a hotel? Assuming you're not planning to stay the night then surely you're allowed to visit a "friend" who is staying at the hotel on a legitimate basis?

Offline Siadwel

well Im thinking money talks, so maybe you could take them around on a duo, that and I'm prettyb  sure eva is not as busy as Jenny,

having said that jenny has to much work and has to turn some away as she cant have a steady strem of men arriving at her door, I think she prefers to work when her neighbours are  at work .

so if you visit, it might help us all if we are quiet, we don't want her being evicted do we  :unknown:

I found the perfect solution to that the other evening.

Have her for an outcall  :cool:

Years since I've actually helped a girl undress rather than just slipping off whatever she's got covering her essentials.

Slightly gutted. She wasn't working today! Great comms though, emailed within hour to say she wasn't. She stays well and truly on HL due to you chaps reviewing her so well  and responce  swiftly on a day off. Not EE customer service.

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