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Author Topic: Cutee Vanessa  (Read 944 times)

Offline j122


Lose yourself in my seductive deep green bedroom eyes and admire my beautiful blonde hair that runs all way down my back.


Offline Owwhatanight

Such beautiful blond hair mmmmmm with stunning green eyes  :wackogirl:
Well spotted J1
 :lol: :lol: :lol:

Shit... I always guessed I might be colour-blind.  :blush:

I didn't notice hair or eye colour  :dash:

Offline Owwhatanight

I didn't notice hair or eye colour  :dash:

Nor did I at first and I bet most would not have noticed without
Eagle eye J122 showing us.  :hi:

Offline _Bender_

Wow she's changed!

Just a bit, and she's put on a bit of weight!!

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