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Author Topic: Punting nerves  (Read 1428 times)

My first punt I didn't shoot my load. I wasn't nervous per say but found it a surreal experience. She was sucking away like a hoover and I was quite bored. I'm not sure why cos I found her very attractive.

My wife has lost all desire to have an intimate relationship.  She's an open type of gal, understands it's a problem, has no idea how to rectify it but realises that it shouldn't stop me from having fun.

She's told me she's ok with me seeing a WG as long as I'm not secretive about it.

Talk about a mind fuck.  Even with permission, I can't raise to the occasion because a WG, despite how good of an actress she is, will never convince your mind that a punt is nothing but a financial transaction for her.  Intimacy is what gets me hard, viagra might over-ride the emotion sometimes but it's no where near as powerful.

Perhaps it's a bit of stress ? Try to focus completely on the girl and don't let your mind wander.

Offline webpunter

After loads of punting then unexpectedly had some hardness issues for a short time - now disappeared thankfully.  Wasn't nerves about punting - i was relaxed here no probs.  Top tip = pick a WG who you feel comfortable & safe to be with.  Other things can occupy your mind - family / work / stress / money / OH....  Had seen one WG about 5x.  Was softening a bit & i mentioned the problem.  Was given a few tips by her really sincerely - relax / think about good things & the same on sex.  She said "remember the last time you shot that huge load over my tits".  Meanwhile little WP was about an inch from her mouth whilst she was speaking & looking into my eyes.  The response was dramatic - firmed up & i had to ask her to slow down
Add in: less watching porn / less wanking / do some exercise / less drinking generally [but on the flipside then hangover = hard on for me in the morning] and you shouldn't go too far wrong. If still a problem then i'd suggest some Kamagra - cheaper & quicker than viagra

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