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Author Topic: The Best Ex, New Barnet  (Read 878 times)

10 review(s) for The Best Ex (8 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Cunning Punt

https://www.adultwork.com/2862235 or https://www.adultwork.com/The+Best+Ex

Met The Best Ex this afternoon. Realised at the end that I'd shagged her but didn't ask her name - which in the civvy world would make me a bit of a bastard. From other posts, it seems she calls herself Lian.

Fee: 1hr @ £100

Comms: Phone call to arrange initial meet earlier today. Received postcode by text and was asked to text to confirm half and hour before meet. Called when there and she asked for a couple of minutes (was literally that) and then gave me house number.

Location: Quiet residential road in Barnet, about 10mins walk from New Barnet train station. There was a reasonable amount of space to park in adjoining street - no parking restrictions.

Looks/personality: Attractive East European brunette, 7.5/10 IMO. Slim body and her breasts are not large, probably a B, which, for me, was a nice handful.
However, for personality she gets 10/10. She's very chatty and laughs a lot. Her English is fluent and you can have a great conversation with her about everything under the sun.
She is very keen to see you have a good time and enjoys her job, which is not all that common in this industry.


Oral on her
Protected sex (cowgirl and missionary)

Details of meeting:
Was offered a shower before, which I took (also offered one at the end).
Lian put me at ease and I felt I could joke around with her straightaway and she wouldn't take offence.

"How long did it take you to get here, then?" she asked. "An hour?"
"Er no, nearly 2 actually."
"TWO - you must be crazy."
"Yep, I hope this will be worth it - it better be good!"
"Don't blame you - I would be the same." (she did laugh when she said this)

Lian asks you what you like at the start, which can occasionally be a bad sign, but with Lian, it's just making sure you have a good time because she's fairly willing.
Began with kissing - FK rather than DFK. She is one of those WGs who keeps the tongue outside her mouth when kissing. Ideally, I prefer more traditional snogging.
Then had a prolonged oral session on her and then she said: "Do you want to put a finger in?" Which was a first for me - most WGs I've been with firmly don't want to fingered, let alone actually ask me for it.

Lian says it take a long time for her to cum (though she might have been trying to make me feel better), but with a bit of help from her masturbating herself, we got there in the end...

At this point, she said that because it had taken so long for her to cum she would give me some extra time - what a girl!
It would be greedy to expect that every time, though, and think it helped that I was the last booking of the day.

This was followed by sex in cowgirl -with good action from her, with FK and some eye contact - and popped.

We then had a nice chat followed by attempt at round 2.
As has been mentioned in recent reviews, she no longer does OWO, which is a slight negative in my book. I find it difficult getting another erection after popping pretty difficult and, despite her best efforts, giving a covered BJ on a 'semi' with the condom flapping about wasn't going to work.
So resorted to HJ, which did enough for some missionary sex, but I wasn't going to pop on a second occasion and it was past even extra time, so I called an end to it.

Loves sex
Seems to enjoy everything about her job
Nowhere near a clockwatcher - I was in there well over an hour
Attractive girl with nice body
Very friendly and gives good conversation
Some eye contact
Nice flat
She actually pays tax!

FK rather than DFK
Slight hint of smoky breath occasionally

Doesn't do OWO

£100ph is at the top end of my punting budget but Lian is VFM, in my opinion. She is keen that you have a great time and is an enthusiastic sexual partner, which is what you want in Working Girl, but don't often get. There is plenty of interaction and she could certainly, over a couple of meetings, make me a better lover.
Therefore, I would recommend if you can live without oral without and I will be back at some point, though unfortunately, it's a bit of a journey for me to get to her, particularly if the M25 is congested.

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10 review(s) found for The Best Ex linked to in above post (8 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)


That is a shame that no longer OWO as when I saw her a few times it was great OWO.

Also seems she has come down in price as was £120 a few months ago?

If she goes back to OWO then I will be first in line.

Thanks for the update

Offline Pdubz


a shame really, been on my hl for so long

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